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Divorce Advice For Men 9 Tips You Need to Know

Mark J Thompson

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Marriages are sassy - divorces are messy. They are best avoided, especially if you have kids. However, if there is absolutely no chance of saving your marriage and you have to go through with a divorce, then here are a few tips that can help you out:

1. Lawyers are in the game to make money - they would like a divorce case to drag on to kingdom come, and if you hire such a lawyer then you're in for a long haul. So choose your lawyer carefully - ask your friends who have gone through a divorce for a recommendation. If you are unable to find a lawyer this way, then you have no other go but to interview a few lawyers and choose the one you consider the best.

2. If you are expecting to receive private mail, hire a new post box. Get a new storage place for your financial records.

3. Cancel your credit cards and close all joint accounts you have with your wife.

4. Do not cut off all communication with your wife - keep the lines open. You never know, one fine day she might just talk to you and settle the whole thing amicably, without any bad blood. Remember, if you stop communicating, things will go from bad to worst

5. Talk to your kids and let them know your divorce is not because of them and that you will never ever leave them alone. Don't allow your kids to feel the pangs of separation, no matter how unavoidable it is.

6. Do not destroy any old correspondence in a fit of rage or when you become emotional. The written word counts, the spoken word doesn't - in a court of law.

7. Do not pass nasty comments about your wife - either to your friends or on her face. Your friends might snitch on you, or the word will get around and then the differences will be more irreconcilable. Why create bad blood, when there isn't need for any?

8. Don't be aggressive, remain calm. If your wife is an aggressive person, avoid getting into arguments with her.

9. Do you have a support system in your relations and friends? If yes, lean on them for emotional support.

Finally, as you well know, a divorce can turn out to be a messy affair. So, it will do you a world of good to read up on expert advice from professionals, and there are few online products available that dole out great advice for a very small price - hunt them out. Good luck on your divorce.

If you would like more tips and advice about how not to lose everything during your divorce visit Divorce Tips For Men Where we'll show you how to come out of your Divorce with what you want.


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