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How Can I Go About Increasing the Amount of Child Support I Receive


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For many families the struggle of day to day existence is just another battle to be fought. For many divorced couples however this battle can be fought in the court rooms. If you find yourself in need for more child support you may often wonder how do you go about increasing the amount of child support you receive? This is a valid question and should be fully answered by your attorney but I will give an overview so you know where to start.

First off the court has to have some sort of legal justification before it decides that you need to receive more child support. Did the other spouse get an increase in earnings? If so then you might have justification in asking for more money for child support.

The decision to modify a divorce degree usually only occur when there is a material justification to do so. In many cases child support payments could even be decreased due to lack of the ability to pay. However this is most certainly true for when the income of the other parent has increased substantially as well.

Now when a parent has an increase in cash flow the increase must be substantial in order for the court to justify an increase in child support payments. A small wage increase or a unexpected bonus would not qualify. However, many parents go after each other in court in order to get what they believe is rightfully theirs. ?This is an unwise course of action as the attorney fees and court fees will surely outweigh any potential gains in payments.

The rule of thumb here then is if you want your child support payments to increase then there must be some justifiable and material increase in the other parent's income. A substantial amount such as when one changes jobs or starts up a successful business can be grounds for an increase in payments. Even winning the lottery can also be a justifiable reason for an increase in child support.

Child custody battles are intense and without the proper aid can be almost impossible. Find the tools needed to win your battle for your kids .


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Child Joint Custody Laws and Child Support Rights-The Basics
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