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Child Custody Evaluations An Overview


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A child custody case is sometimes even messier then a divorce. The reason being is that the parents have a tendency to fight over the kids more then their stuff. What is at stake for many parents is the feeling of connection with their kids and to see them grow up to become capable adults. That is why child custody battles are sometimes so intense. However the court system usually has a say in where the kids end up so it is a good idea for those going through a child custody evaluation to know what is going on.

A child custody evaluation is a report from a psychologist that rates you on a variety of factors and determines how you will be as a parent raising a kid on your own. But know this that this evaluation in and of itself cannot grant or take away any rights you may have as a parent. They are used as a guideline for the judge and those involved.

In order to have the best possible outcome some of these tips can help you in winning your battle for your children.

The first tip is to be yourself when being evaluated. Since the evaluator is a psychologist he or she can more then likely see through any type of embellishments you may try. It is okay to toot your own horn now and then but do not over do it. Be very honest and the values you have is part of the report that will be sent in.

The second tip is to be organized and document everything. While that is actually two tips in one they are both very related. By keeping good records of grades, doctor visits and other important documentation you are showing you are serious about keeping custody of your children and that you are capable of that responsibility.

The final tips is to keep a calendar for all of the family to follow. Make sure that this calendar is kid friendly. Include things like soccer practice, family trips and other activities that show you are a good parent.

It is very important at this stage that you can show that you are a good parent. It is one thing to tell the court how great of a parent you are but if you can show them all the better.

Child custody battles are intense and without the proper aid can be almost impossible. Find the tools needed to win your battle for your kids.


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