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Criminal Records and Child Custody What to Know


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At the time that I am writing this article there is well over 1 million children with parents currently serving time in prison. With roughly 10 million children with parents who have served time at one point in their lives it can be tough to cope with. Many of these parents want to reconnect with their children and try to reconstruct what ever life they had before they became incarcerated.

There are many law firms that represent these parents who believe that because of their past infractions with the law that it would be impossible for them to regain some custody of their children. In many cases however having a criminal record does not stop a parent from gaining some rights to see his or her children.

Many parents neglect to notify the courts that their obligations to pay child support can change when they are in prison. Failure to pay child support can result in longer sentences or other charges being tacked on due the lack of modification of the court order. Because of the neglect to pay child support many family courts may not grant custody to the parent. It is vital that you keep track of everything you do while in prison as it can be used against you by your ex in order to separate you from your child.

While many lawyers will try to use your previous criminal record against you it is important that you try and prove how you have changed over the years. Keep good documentation on your income and how well you have supported yourself and others and the court may see it your way.

A criminal record while certainly an impediment in many cases should not stop you from seeing your kids grow up. While you may have made mistakes in the past it is important that you learn from these mistakes and do not repeat them.

However you also need to keep proper expectations in regards to your chances of winning some custody rights. If you endangered your kids or any other kids then the court has every right to impose sanctions on seeing your children and with just cause.

Child custody battles are intense and without the proper aid can be almost impossible. Find the tools needed to win your battle for your kids .


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