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Child Custody Advice For Fathers You and Your Kids Can Be Happy Again


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Child custody for fathers is a harder road to travel than for mothers, but it is not as difficult as most men think. With the proper thought and preparation, it is rather easy to at least obtain joint custody. Don't make joint custody your goal, though. Shoot high for full physical custody and then settle for less only if necessary. This article article will give you tips to get you motivated to fight for custody of your kids.

If you are a father who is going through a divorce and fighting to win custody of his kids, then I know exactly what you are going through. I am living proof that you can be happy again and can prevail in your child custody case. Five years ago I went through exactly what you are going through and I won. I have full physical custody of both my boys.

Fathers are increasingly winning custody of their children in divorce cases but the sad reality is that many judges are still using the old adage “Tender Years Doctrine, " which typically gave custody to the mother. Even though this philosophy is out of date and has been proven not to be an adequate benchmark for the placement of children, it is still used. The current philosophy is “The Best Interest of The Child, " which doesn't automatically give custody to the mother.

For all you fathers seeking custody of your kids you can win custody of your children if you are willing to fight. Many fathers even today are discouraged by these out of date statistics and just automatically think that they don't have a chance. By not fighting for custody, the courts fall back on the Mother. If you are willing to prove to the court that you can, want and are able to raise your kids, you can significantly increase your chances of winning custody of your kids.

You can actually turn the reality of the courts favoring the mother in child custody settlements around to your advantage. As I said earlier in this article, many fathers automatically assume that they don't have a chance at winning custody. The opposite is also true, most women automatically assume that they will get full custody and don't put much effort into their case. So by putting effort and thought into your custody preparation you can catch your ex off guard and appear to the judge to be the better choice for physical custody of your kids. My advice is to put up a fight, arm yourself with as much information as you can specifically regarding child custody for fathers and get a good attorney.

Picture yourself and your precious kids reading books in their bedroom in “your" house on a full time basis. Remember this picture in your mind whenever you get discouraged. Just know, that you can and will get custody of your kids even if it is just joint custody (at least you would still have a say in major decisions regarding their welfare. )

If you want to win custody of your kids and be happy again, then please check out my website at Get prepared and arm yourself with proven strategies that will significantly increase your chances of winning custody of the most important people on this earth, Your Children. Write this motto down, “If you persist you will succeed. "

I wish you and your kids all the best,

Travis Scott


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