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Dirty Secrets For Hiding Assets In Divorce - Getting Screwed Without The Sex


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If you're going through a divorce or you're getting ready to face the divorce process, you will quickly discover that some of the biggest problems with divorce are the financial mickey mouse games.

However, it's no fun and games when your partner is secretly trying to screw you out of thousands of your rightfully owned money. I mean, talk about kicking someone when they are down, right?

Well, in this brief article, I am going to show how you can fight back in this difficult time and start deploying proven tactics to get the money you deserve during your divorce.

Hiding money in divorce is illegal and when going through a divorce laws are crucial to make sure each person gets what they deserve.

It's not about greed, it's about fairness. Furthermore, if your partner is using dirty secrets for hiding assets in divorce then you're going to suffer big time when it comes to the difficult “post-divorce" period, where you try to rebuild your life on loose and sparse groundings.

Not only are you trying to deal with the emotional aspects of divorce, but now you're dealing with a huge financial headache and very little assets to keep you, your kids and your future safe.

So, there are things you can do to identify these dirty secrets for hiding assets in divorce and I am going to briefly outline a few key areas for you, so that you can better prepare for the dangers ahead.

Dirty secrets for hiding assets in divorce #1

- Tax Returns

Although you would have to be a real fool to hide legal tax information from the government, it's not uncommon for a spouse to do so. Hiding true income through partnerships, trusts or even real estate are all ways tax evasion can screw you out of your owed assets in your marriage. Look for inconsistencies in the last 5 years to see if you can dig up and dirt for you or your lawyer to investigate.

Dirty secrets for hiding assets in divorce #2

- Statements

A fairly easy tactic to both implement and intercept is to look for statements relating to unfamiliar accounts. More telling, would be canceled checks for investments or other assets. These will lead to clues about activities or hidden intentions on other secret accounts.

Dirty secrets for hiding assets in divorce #2

- Secret Savings And Withdrawals

Look out for old and more recent withdrawals from either savings accounts or other similar accounts that are not used frequently. More specifically, look out for large, or consistent sums being withdrawn, as this is a tell tale sign of a possible bail out of assets leading up to the divorce.

Ultimately, these things can easily go under the radar, no matter how obvious they seem when you read through them right now. However, this is because during a divorce you are dealing with a lot of emotional pain, often guilt, anxiety and a whole other range of emotions.

These emotions, combined with all the hundreds of other things going on in your head will often cause you to overlook, ignore or simply “take their word for it".

Don't always assume that your lawyer or attorney will actively seek out and uncover all of the potential hidden assets during the discovery stage of the divorce.

But most importantly of all, remember that your time is limited one divorce has been filed. You only have a certain amount of time to uncover all the hidden assets before the case proceeds. . . and after this time, anything that has not been declared as an asset will be lost forever. . . and that could mean literally thousands in lost money in divorce that could be well needed for your future life ahead.

These are just some of the dirty secrets for hiding assets in divorce and you deserve to know the truth quickly, before it's too late. . .

Hiding money in divorce is illegal. It can also cost the other person thousands whilst the partner who is actually hiding money in divorce makes a small fortune and an easy get away. If you'd like to know the low-down, dirty secrets to hiding money in divorce so that you can save thousands in your divorce, you need to see this website

When you get there, you'll uncover all the secrets behind hidden divorce money and how to save your future from protecting yourself against them.


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Dirty Little Secrets of Cheating Spouses
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