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Father Child Custody


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Father child custody is getting better as time passes; there are still many who believe children should be with their mother at all times, we know that is false. A father's love and devotion is as strong as any mothers out there. We have ups and downs, good and bad just like anyone else.

One thing that is certain fathers must bring it all to the table, nothing can be left for chance as our spouses still seem to get rights more than we do under equal circumstances.

So what do we do? First we need to cover all our bases; there are questions that we need honest answers to now. Some of these questions are obvious like:

- What is child custody exactly? The easiest definition in broad terms is; the rights and responsibility a parent possesses in regard to their child/children. You take care of them, look after them, teach them, nourish them, laugh with them, cry with them, live with them and so on.

- What are the determining factors on who receives child custody? The primary factor is what is in the best interest of the child, not the parents. Other factors include a parent's health, living arrangements, financial stability, mental stability, drug and alcohol history to name a few.

- Are there different types of child custody? The answer is yes.

*Legal - allows the parent who is granted this right decision making capabilities including health choices, education and religious choices all responsibilities of the general welfare of the child. The other parent will have a say in these rights.

*Sole legal - is the same as above except the parent who has no sole custody has no say in the decision-making capabilities.

*What is the difference between physical and sole physical custody? Physical is when a child lives with one parent more than the other. If this custody is awarded the parent who does not have physical custody usually is awarded visitation rights, which may include sleepovers. Sole physical custody if awarded entitles a child to stay with that parent only and the other parent has no legal right to be alone with the child.

*What is the difference between joint physical and shared custody? Joint physical enables both parents to be with the child through some type of agreement when each will take place.

Shared custody is when both parents share all legal and all custody of the child; this under the circumstances is the best available option to both parents and the child.

These are the obvious questions that are definitely important; other questions that are vital to Father Child Custody are not as obvious but you need to know them, questions like:

  • *Behaviors a judge looks down on?
  • *If you want sole custody the one question you must know and the answer to it!
  • *Questions to ask a lawyer to not wonder but know if he or she is skilled and a fighter,
  • you cannot be timid (that is what your ex is hoping)
  • *What to do at this moment to gain the edge to winning custody of my child?
  • *What to say to get your lawyer to do as you wish?
  • *What behaviors must I exhibit to give me an edge?
  • *Where to go if financially challenged to get free counseling?

These are questions you must get answered right now if you are going to formulate a plan of attack as a father to gain custody of your child.

You must act immediately; your best possible position at the moment is if you and your ex are in the middle of breaking up and no rights have been awarded. You must not delay, you cannot be nice and do the lets be fair BS. When it is time to take custody her lawyer will be looking for blood and he will know how to find it.

Get real straight facts on what you have to do even before you get a lawyer. Know what you will need to do from this day forward to position yourself for Father Child Custody; starting with the right questions to ask to get the right lawyer! This is a must do!

Connor Trautmann is impassioned regarding children and their well-being. The first step to a father winning rights is to understand what is involved and needed to win; it is not by picking the phone up and calling the first lawyer on the page. Discover how this child custody information System FATHER CHILD CUSTODY can save you $2,500 in attorney fees. . . and help get full rights to your kids. FATHER CHILD CUSTODY .


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