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Divorce is one of the most painful processes that a couple can go through because it is a process where fault is established and it is also where the custody of the children and assets are fought for, which are both emotionally and psychologically taxing. Given this, there has been a lot that has been written on how people can better prepare or deal with the divorce proceedings, which include advice on how to plan a strategy on how assets can be divided. Although these have helped people deal with the process of divorce better, they only cover the period up to when a final settlement is reached and they seem to overlook the “after, " wherein people who just got divorced also need advice on how to move on with their lives.

Healing process

A divorce can be described as a “break" or a “wounding process" wherein relationships are severed, which could leave a painful wound for those who have decided to part ways. Given this, there is a need for people to be guided on how to begin and undertake a healing process so that they can move on with their lives. As with any “break, " the first step that people should take is to allow themselves to grieve the loss that they have just experienced. This is an important first step, as this would allow a person to feel and move through the emotional pain of losing someone. In some cases it would be helpful to document such feelings in a journal as a means of venting them.

The next step in the process is to muster enough determination and decide to heal, to forgive the other party and to move on with their lives. This is also an essential step as this can free a person from feeling anger and bitterness for the rest of his life as a result of the divorce. In addition, doing so can also open up other opportunities for growth and healing. Lastly and more importantly, people who have just gone through a divorce would also do well to surround themselves with a healthy support system who would support them in the healing process. This is very important as having people who care about them can provide the motivation to stay the course of healing from a divorce.

Going through a divorce can be very painful, but moving on after a divorce can be equally as painful. Given this, people who have just gone through a divorce also need advice and guidance on how they can undergo the healing process of grieving, deciding to forgive, and getting the needed support so that they can move on with their lives.

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A Man's Advice For Women During Divorce
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