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Remember the old saying, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’. When dating online you have to watch out for people who show too much of their selves on their profiles but in reality they are no more than some shy and desperate men looking only for sex, who cannot ask a woman directly and lack the ability to make a relationship successful.

Always avoid guys who claim to have a body like Arnold Schwarzenegger. They are easy to pick out on any dating site. They would have an album full of photos showing muscle, muscle and just muscle. Even if you do get attracted by his looks, you are sure to get bored down the road if he lacks the flexibility and softness every girl wants to see in her man. This is the kind of a guy who won’t have any special goals in life other than working out or boosting about his biceps in front of his male friends. So don’t just go for his looks, try to dig in for some real gentle Manish quality that he might possess.

Another kind to avoid is the ‘Mamma’s boy’. These guys are not easy to notice at first, but once you start communicating and get to know each other better you find out they only like to talk about their mom. What their mom says, what she does, what her points of views are regarding a particular matter, would she like his hanging out with girls of your type, would she be pleased to meet you, and so on and so forth. These guys are usually timid and withdrawn, and don’t know much about the outside world other than the things their moms would have told them. If you try to express some openness, they are sure to resist it. I often wonder what these guys want at a dating site. So don’t fall for their cute and cuddly little views about life, they are sure to irritate you once you get to know each other and want to start a relationship.

Womanizers are very hard to spot but you have got to avoid them otherwise you may find yourself in a deep trouble before you even know it. They have some particular lines to say to every woman to impress her. They would forget how wonderful a time you two have had together just a few days back, and would start looking for more attractive girls. They don’t hesitate to make promises and don’t refuse any offer being made to them. Surely you would want a loyal partner, even if you’re looking for a short-term relationship. You don’t want to be bullied by some over-attractive young man looking for some fun and lacking moral values and dignity. These types of men are not ready to settle down, so just leave them to it – they don’t deserve any special romance either.

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Dating Tips For Men What Men Need to Know When Dating
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