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Dating Tips For Women Over 40 From Men - Listen To What They Have To Say

Suzy Weiss

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Men are alike in some ways generally. One way to unlock the mystery in dating is to get dating tips for women over 40 from men. Since things in dating change from time to time, you could use some perspective from men. Being updated is beneficial, especially if you haven't been dating for quite some time. Getting reoriented with the new dating rules is what you need. Success in dating will only happen if you prevent yourself from doing the most common dating mistakes.

Men in general agree that to make your first date work, never talk about your past relationships. Whenever this topic comes up in a conversation, men initially think that you're not over your ex-boyfriend or husband. If you slip and start speaking ill about your ex, your date might conclude that you're bitter. Most men try to avoid going out with women who have emotional baggage.

It may sound clich, but men do think that a woman should always be herself. Regardless if it is your first date, don't attempt to pretend. When you start playing a role, expect that at some point he will see the real you. It will be hard for you to keep up. So, save yourself from embarrassment and just show him who you truly are.

The “future talk" about your possible relationship, is a no-no. Men do not dig women who plan too much. Enjoy what you have now and take things slowly. He may want to take the next level and pursue a serious relationship with you. But let him be the one to talk about it and do not push the topic. If you keep on opening up about your future with him, expect your date to freak out. Among the dating tips for women over 40 from men is to never do the “future talk" too soon.

A woman who radiates confidence knows how to handle compliments. Men are impressed by women who could accept praise with poise. If your date flatters you with good remarks he would appreciate it if you say “thank you". Do not shy away, but don't rub it in because he might think that you're too conceited.

To keep his interest, another good dating habit is being on time. When you decide to go out, be sure that you will not be late. Making a guy wait for an hour or so is both unattractive and impolite. Many men complain about this. So to keep your guy's attention, never make him wait before your dates.

During conversations, be careful not to bore your date. Show your personality and let him see how witty you are. You do not have to display a strong personality by being opinionated. Just listen to him well and be responsive. Open up about topics that he is interested in. Look for a common ground so you could have more and more things to talk about.

Exude positivity. Men would love to be around you if you make them feel good. Avoid talking to your date about your personal complains and you life dramas. This is one of the best dating tips for women over 40 from men. Be the kind of woman who is relaxed and fun to be with.

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