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How To Meet Men During Your Workout Routine At The Gym

Suzy Weiss

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Learning how to meet men at the gym is not easy sometimes, especially if you're a divorced woman. You may have a lot of concerns that are preventing you from achieving your goal. Major blocks like low confidence level, fear of rejection and other emotional issues. Other factors include not knowing how to do it or where to meet men. Nevertheless, one thing is for sure - there are many good quality men out there. You just need to get out of the house and deal with your discomfort and fear.

So, how do you find single marriage-minded men to date? Go to places where you would feel relaxed. This way you can approach guys naturally without feeling pressured. Being in a comfortable environment will keep you from getting nervous. There are a lot of places you can go.

For instance, if you're the sporty or athletic type, then enroll in a gym class. Meeting men at the gym have many advantages. For one, you get to stay fit and healthy, as well as obtain your desired weight. And you know what this means, right? You would get a lot of attention from men. Aside from the health and fitness factor, you would also be able to expand your dating horizons. Most guys stop at the gym on their way to or from work. They even workout there during weekends.

Therefore, you have plenty of options available. Consider signing up for one of their workout classes. Scan the room and find a suitable guy. Once he sees you, give him a nice and friendly smile. If you see him again in the next class, approach him and say hello and engage him in a friendly conversation. . This is an excellent opportunity for him to suggest having a drink afterwards at the snack bar. This is the process of discovering how to meet men at the gym.

The weightlifting area of the health club is another place that you can check out. See if you can find a guy who seems your type. Walk over and watch him lift weights but don't make him feel self-conscious. If he doesn't look annoyed with you being there, give him a smile and tell him, “you lift those weights like they are nothing", or something, to that effect.

If the guy smiles after hearing your compliment, stay until he finishes. Then, ask him for advice and tips. Tell him you are thinking of lifting weights (even though you're really not). You would know if the guy is also interested in you if he offers to help you out.

Another area of the gym where you can meet men is at the snack bar. If you don't see any guys, find a good place to sit and hang around a bit. Read a newspaper or magazine, or drink a cold beverage or coffee. A cute guy might walk in, see you, walk over and ask to join you. You'll never know, right?

Similarly, you can look around and see if there's any suitable man sitting alone. In such case, you can buy a drink or snack and walk over to his table. Then, ask him if it would be alright to join him. This is how to meet men at the gym easily. Even if you feel a little nervous or afraid to approach a guy do it anyway Start a conversation, after all, no pain, no gain, right?

Learn the secrets of how to meet men and improve your odds in getting a lot of dates. You can find more dating ideas here at


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