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Online Dating Scams - Be Aware Of Possible Risks

Suzy Weiss

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Internet dating is increasing in popularity these days. This is why you should also watch out for online dating scams. There are countless stories of single women who are searching for love and romance on the internet. And they would do just about anything to meet Mr. Right. If you are one of them, then you need to know the possible risks involved.

There may be several people on the internet who are sincere, but there are some who will fool you. Most of these scammers intend to get money out of your pocket. Be careful not to be a victim. Don't be deceived by their fake profiles and pictures. To know the red flags of shams in online dating, take note of the following tips:

Examine the personal profile closely. Check for any inconsistencies with what they write versus what they say. You can easily and quickly identify if the person you're chatting is sincere or not. Make sure what he's saying corresponds to what is showing on his profile.

If you happen to exchange emails with someone you met online, observe their messages. Take note of the way they construct their sentences. If it varies, most probably there are several people who use that account or profile name. This is one of the most common online dating scams.

Do not be tricked by sob stories. You don't talk about detailed personal stuff to someone you've just met, right? It would usually take some time before you do that kind of thing. So, if the guy you're chatting with immediately opens up to you this way, be wary. Most often, scammers would make up stories just to get your sympathy.

Ask basic personal details about him like his occupation, etc. If the guy is a scammer, he would definitely fabricate a fake story. You can easily identify an unrealistic story since there are no solid facts to back it up. If you attempt to inquire about what his job involves, there are two things that could happen. Either he would give you a vague answer, or he would change the subject. The latter is the most often response you would get.

Scammers will go after your money. They would do this by first gaining your trust. Once they have accomplished that, they will then use your trusting nature to their advantage. He would tell you that he wants to see you, but has no travel money.
Since you already like and trust him, you would go along with his request. Sadly, he won't come and see you. If you ask him what happened, he would make up some sort of excuse. He may say that he got robbed, or had to use the money because of some emergency. After that, he would ask for some money again. Don't ever fall for this kind of trick.

These are just some online dating scams that you should look out for. Be wary once money matter is brought up during your conversation with the guy. If he really is a good person, he would never ask you for anything.

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