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Is He A Player? - Find Out With These 5 Signs

Suzy Weiss

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Are you dating someone right now who seems to be too good to be true? The next thing you should ask yourself is “is he a player?" You're not exactly being cynical. It's just normal and realistic for a single woman over forty to be cautious when dating men. There are tons of deceiving men out there who seem to pose no harm. But you'll be surprised to discover one day that he's a cheater. It is always better to be ahead and know if he is a player.

Is he playing you? You can find out by reading this article. You may be on cloud 9 right now, but slow things down a bit. They may do things that could make you doubt their sincerity. But he is a player. He knows how to get away with it. They know what to do to make you believe. This isn't the first time that they have done it. Men who cheat know how to play the game.

When you start having that feeling that he's too good to be true, watch out. Cheaters are self-absorbed and egomaniacs. They think the world revolves around them and that they are too attractive. In their world, it's all about them. Be careful not to be a part of their game. Remember these five signs and determine whether he's worth your time or not.

He claims that he's not a cheater. He'll go on and on about how he hates guys who play around. He'll keep on saying that girls do not deserve to be lied to. This guy would say a lot of sweet things like you're the most beautiful woman for him. He'll declare his love for you and tell you that you're the only one. No need to wonder “is he a player?" Most likely, he is.

Players flirt with other women even if you're around. Yes, this is their mastered skill. They use their eyes or even body language to flirt with other women. If you're not around, he'll do to other women what he's exactly doing to you. He'll sweep them off their feet just like how he made your knees weak. Even if you're together, he can't be stopped. But he'll do the flirting in a subtle way that even you could not notice.

His phone habits say a lot. You will observe two things. One is that his phone beeps nonstop. If it's not a call, he receives a lot of text messages. Another habit may be when he's with you is he turns his phone off. Before you find this gesture sweet, it could mean something else. It's not because he doesn't want to be disturbed when he's with you. It's because he doesn't want you to notice that other women calls him, too.

You catch his small lies. It may be about his whereabouts or some details about him. And when you start doubting him because of this, he will pick a fight. It's a skill that these jerks have. They very well know the art of reverse psychology. They will make you feel that they are not doing anything wrong even if they are. The rule for these guys: Deny, deny, deny! Even if they get caught on the act, still, they will deny it.

They forget details about you. He might mistake that your favorite color is red when in fact it's yellow. Or that you like dogs, but you already have mentioned gazillion times that you're allergic to animals. Well, obviously, he has mistaken you for another woman. Is he a player? The answer is a big yes.

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What to Do When You Find Signs He is Cheating
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