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Things To Consider For Women Dating After Divorce

Suzy Weiss

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When women have been accustomed to living a certain life, being married for several years and having children, it can be quite a shock when the relationship ends. That results in being alone, sleeping alone, several unanswered questions and so on. Then come the feelings that make things worse, feeling lonely and depressed. It's quite similar to mourning the death of someone you love. In such a situation, they are faced with several stages before acceptance actually happens. The other four stages include resentment, denial, anger, and depression. Only then is it possible for women dating after divorce.

Often, these women find themselves in positions feeling pressure to get out in the dating world and they are not yet ready for this. If they still have feelings for an ex-partner, this could be a huge problem. The failure of the marriage can bring about low levels of self-esteem. The women can feel undesirable to men due to this.

Of course, very few would prefer to never get involved with another man for the rest of their lives. The problem is that once they do start dating, they fall into the wrong hands because they are more vulnerable. They are more vulnerable to married men especially.

Meantime the women shun family and friends on the off-chance that the man will show up for a visit. While most men do not feel the need to avoid wives, kids or family, women are prone to burning bridges with anyone remotely associated with their ex-spouse. Many divorced women who begin dating feel guilty. This is especially true if these women have children. Aside from having to arrange baby sitters and operating as one parent, the children can often resent the relationship with another man.

By the same token, these same women will rarely make any commitments with others who care for them, like friends and family for fear that they will miss their chance with their new love. Meanwhile, this new love lives happily ever after with his own family. And the women, left alone in every way. Then there are the feelings of guilt that overcome these women, should there be children in the scenario. They have gained many more responsibilities as single parents and life becomes harder. In addition to that, the kids often experience feelings of resentment toward the other man and the whole relationship.

Quite often, it worsens when the relationship between the children and the father is a good one. Of course, regardless of the situation, neither parent should discourage communication or relationships between kids and fathers. The most important thing for any parent to do is put their children first. No matter what your differences are with your ex-husband, it should never be used against them. And, if the children do have a good relationship with their fathers and are in their care, then the women can try to move on and meet others in the free time that they have.

However, it's important that you stay focused and take your time. Very often, men become uninterested in women who rush things, making them run to the nearest exit. That's because we are different, women want lifetime partners and quick. On the other hand, men prefer to take it slow.

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