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Where To Take First Date After Meeting On Line


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Since internet has reached almost every house in the western world, more people search for dates online. It is getting easy to meet girls online as there are thousands of dating site, some international, some national and some even local sites. When you meet a girl online and everything seems alright on both sides, the next step is to meet up for the first time. Now this is quite hard decision where to take a first date.

Many date experts believe that one should take first date in a place where you will feel more comfortable to talk with her. There are no specific rules that first date should be here or there. Think yourself, where will you feel more easy and where will feel more comfortable to talk openly with her.

Where will you be able to have a chance to impress here more with your knowledge etc. Let’s say if you don’t know much about movies, then there is no point to take her to cinema as it will look stupid if she ask you something about movies and you wouldn’t know it. We will look at different options where you can take your prospective girl friend for first date. Romantic dinner Romantic dinners are always a good way to impress girls. You should already have asked what her favourite dish is. Choose one of her favourite dish as a main dish and also consider choosing from her favourite side dishes.

All good dinners are carried out with nice whisky and followed by tasty sweet dish. Try this out. You will familiarise yourself with her more coz sharing dinner with someone tells you more about that person.

Don’t just eat and eat, talk with her. Tell her something interesting about yourself and also ask her about something you don’t know. Meet for a coffee If you would like to talk her more on first date, consider taking her out for a cup of coffee.

Order for some light food with coffee as just a cup of coffee might be considered as rude. Both of you will have enough time to explore more about yourselves. It is also be a good chance to make more eye contact with her.

Go to cinema You might be a movie fan, if so take her out to a cinema but remember take her to her favourite movie. Don’t take her out to a horror type of movie if she doesn’t like it. Ask her in advance what kind of movie she likes, if she like comedy take her there and so on. A good trip to cinema should be followed by a dinner or at least by a light food. Music Concert There might be a music concert in the city. Most girls like to go out to music concerts. If you think she is more fan of music, take her out there. You won’t have much time to talk with her but at least both of you will have time to thrill on the live music. Remember live music play a vital role in emotions. You might be lucky and you might hear her saying good things about you. Amusement Parks If she is a fan loving person, taking her out to amusement park is another option. This way she won’t feel bore with you. Take some rides over there. Remember few other tips on your first tip Talk with her; don’t make her bore in your company. Don’t talk about unnecessary things, as it will make you look like a stupid. Don’t talk much about her past affairs. Don’t try to touch her unnecessary as most girls don’t like to be touched by strangers. Don’t kiss her if you think she is not interested. Always be polite. Respect her dignity. Don’t cross your limits, remember both of you are meeting for the first after meeting online, so you don’t know her personally. Offer her a ride back to her home, if she doesn’t accept it, that’s fine. Make good eye contact with her. Tell her interesting things about yourself. Try to make her laugh.


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First Date Food Concentrate on Your Date, Not Your Plate!
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