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How To Develop Sexy Body Language


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In a bar somewhere on planet earth, Jake - a tall, good looking man - spots Jessica - a cute little blonde. After a few minutes of chitchat, they start kissing. After a few minutes of kissing, they leave the bar and head straight for Jake's bedroom.

Imagine a planet exactly like planet earth. It has exact replicas of everything on planet earth - the same bars, restaurants, political leaders. . . and so on. Just like platet earth, H20 is water. The exact same events that happen on earth happen on this planet. There's even a twin earth Jake approaching a twin earth Susan.

So far, so good.

However, one event on twin earth unfolds a little differently than it does on earth: twin earth Jessica slaps twin earth Jake across the face.

That's because earth Jake and twin earth Jake have one major difference: their body language.

When earth Jake approached earth Jessica, he held a steady gaze. However, when twin earth Jake approached twin earth Susan, his eyes were swerving all over the place.

Whenever earth Jessica fired verbal venom, earth Jake's body language was as still and as stoic as a Greek statue. On the other hand, whenever twin earth Susan playfully chided twin earth Jake, he shoke around like a crazy person during electroshock therapy.

When talking to female strangers is your body language more like earth Jake or twin earth Jake? If it's more like twin earth Jake, your body language is severely crippling your potential success with women. If that's the case, I want you to do the following exercises.

1) Train yourself to hold strong eye contact with women: I want you to practice looking at a woman's eyes until she submits and looks away. Master this and women will see you as an alpha male. Women, whether they admit it or not, are attracted to alpha males.

2) Whenever talking to women, make a habit of leaning back: legions of men have the terrible habit of leaning in. If they're in a loud night club they fear women won't hear them. By leaning in the woman will probably hear them but she'll also see them as a needy little puppy dog. On the other hand, when you lean back, women see you as the alpha male they want to win over.

3) When a woman insults you or asks you something uncomfortable, don't react: when women ask embarrassing questions, most men squirm around like little girls. This makes them come across as weak and unattractive. Plus, the person least reactive in a social situation is in control of the interaction. If you train yourself to be nonreactive, you'll be very powerful with women.

If you'd like to master how to get girls to like you , check out these seduction tips.


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