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Seduction Tips - How To Get The Girl Without Looks Or Money


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I want to share some seduction tips I learned from my favorite attraction expert Swinggcat.

One thing a lot of guys struggle with is sparking that magical spark called “attraction" with women.

Most men think they have no control over a woman feeling attraction for them. “Either she likes me or she doesn't, " they think to themselves.

What if most men were wrong and it was actually easy to trigger attraction in women?

I used to think triggering attraction in women teetered on impossible. Then I started studying Swinggcat's seduction tips and learned that it is super easy.

Swinggcat has a a seduction technique called “Push-Pull. " Each push emotionally pushes the girl away from him and each pull emotionally pulls the girl into him.

The back and forth movement of pushing the girl away from him and then pulling her back in builds attraction.

To get a feel for this, here's an example: The time you're chatting with a girl, compliment her with, “You have the best smile I've seen today. "

Most likely, she'll smile ear-to-ear and say, “Thank you. "

Then say, “I stand corrected. Actually you have the fourth best smile I've seen today. I'm gonna call you number four. "

She'll whine, “Why can't I be number one?"

Let's tear apart this example. When you're telling her how great her smile is, you're pulling her in.

When you're telling her she actually has the fourth best smile, you're pushing her away.

Finally, when you tell her you're promoting her to number three, you're emotionally pulling her in again.

The effect this will have on a girl is powerful. Attraction for you will be running thick through her veins.

Spend a whole night using push-pull on a girl and you probably won't be able to get rid of her. Don't be surprised if she turns into a stalker. So use with caution.

You may think this is a mean thing to do to a helpless woman.

However, if your delivery is playful, beautiful women will see you as a charming James Bond.

Visit Swinggcat's site to get other great seduction tips .


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