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A Few Reasons Why Russian Women Make Great Brides For Western Men


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Over the years there has been an influx of Russian Women in the western world. A large number of these arrived by way of marriage. Many people question, why would a man want to marry a girl from Russia? While each individual is unique, there are actually quite a few reasons why Russians make such desirable wives.

Russian ladies pride themselves on the way they look. The average woman believes that it is of the up most importance to be current on all fashion trends, and to appear her best at all times. Women believe that if they do not dress up in a way that is attractive to men, they will never be able to find a suitable husband. Rarely will you find a Russian girl dressed in the kind of casual attire that western women wear (e. G. , jeans and t-shirts).

Russian females eat more healthy and get more exercise than their western equals. The result is that the average woman in Russia is slimmer. While many women do make a conscious effort to watch their figure, a large part of their size is due to social and economic factors. Russians are not able to eat out as often as people in most western cultures. Therefore, more meals are eaten at home, and less fast food is consumed. For the most part, Russian people eat much smaller portions than westerners. Most women in Russia depend on public transportation, and therefore do a lot of walking. Therefore, they get a lot of exercise on a regular basis.

From the beginning of their lives, most ladies in Russia desire nothing more than to be a good wife and mother. Due to various feminist movements, this is something that has largely been done away with in many western societies. This does not mean that women in Russia will not work, on the contrary, most women are very hard workers. However, they do do not hesitate to give up their careers to become a mother and housewife.

Family values are instilled in Russian women from an early age. In Russia, family comes before everything else. Once a woman is married she considers her husband the most important man in her life. No household decisions would ever be made without consulting with her husband first. In Russian culture, women always do their best to respect their husband, understanding that he will always nurture and take care of them in return.

Money is less important to a Russian lady than it is to women of many other cultures. That is because the women in Russia are used to living with out large amounts of money. For the most part, as their most basic needs (e. G. , food, water, shelter) are met, Russian people will be consent. A Russian girl does not need to be wealthy to be happy.

There are numerous things that men find fascinating about Russian Women . Is it that they are raised with very traditional family values, are naturally minimalistic by nature, or is it that they are considered to be some of the most beautiful women on earth? Or perhaps, it is a blend of all these qualities that make them irresistible to so may men.


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Russian women prefer Western men as their life partners
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