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Pickup Lines That Work - Stop Being Scared to Talk to Girls and Use Some Cool Pickup Lines

Omar Negron

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Don't you wish you just had those perfect pickup lines that work with all girls? I know I use too. It seems like most guys start to shake in their shoes when they get the chance to a pretty girl they are interested in. I am sure you can relate. Just understand that you are normal but also you can break out of this mind state.

A huge suggestion I will give you right now is not to listen to your friends when it comes to picking up girls. Why do I suggest this? Because simply your friends most likely have not been studying the “thoughts" of a women like I have so their tips will most likely be worthless.

If you find yourself not knowing what to say when you approach a women, it is mainly because you are lacking confidence. Without this, you will not get anywhere. Try to begin by building this daily and you will see what happens. Anyway here are some tips you can start using right away.

Have it in your mind that you want to break the ice with something funny. Let me to you this, every girl likes to laugh. I don't care who she is, she enjoys to crack a smile once in a blue. So your job is to go out and make her enjoy your company. Having some silly jokes that will lighten the mood is great. You can find stuff to laugh about by just looking around. Nowadays, everything seems to make me laugh. You just have to notice your surroundings and you will be amazed out of what funny things you will see that will help you break the ice.

Don't be afraid to go up to her and strait out tell her who you are. Why is this a powerful strategy? She will feel you oozing confidence right from the get go. Girls love men with confidence so you are already in good shape if you do this.

Always let a women know that you are a prize to have also. What I mean by this is don't always put yourself out there so aggressively. Try and play the held back game because most of the times this will make them want you more. The reason for this is because every other guy is trying to get in her pants, but not you! There is something different about you.

This will drive her crazy for you, and the best part is you know exactly what your doing and she doesn't!

Omar Negron has been studying the art of attracting women and realizes the common mistake most men make. Did you know that 99% of men get turned down by women everyday? To find out how to avoid this from happening to you and pick up FREE Secret Guides To Getting Women visit his blog at


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