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Why Do Nice Guys Always Finish Last? - Here is the Reason Why You Should Never Be Too Nice


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Well it's often said that nice guys finish last when it comes to the matter of women and dating and let me tell you something. Nice guys do indeed finish last in most cases! There are several reasons why and not only this, Being too nice can ruin your chances of being good with women forever as it becomes more of a habit the more you do it. This is the reason why you shouldn't miss this at any cost. Read on to discover why nice guys always finish last. . . . . .

They make the girl too comfortable- In order for a girl to be attracted to you there must be some amount of tension in the atmosphere where she feels attracted towards you. What nice guys do is that they make the girl so comfortable that she ends up talking casually as if she was talking to a friend.

Nice guys don't seek respect- There are nice guys out there who would do anything for the girl even if it's at the cost of their own self respect. They would be ok with taking a few blows thinking that pleasing the girl is every possible way will eventually get them the girl but you see this is not the case. You will always end up losing the girl if you let her crush your self respect.

Nice guys are too easy to get- Humans beings have a natural tendency to chase things that are not too easy to handle. The same concept applies to women and dating. You see when it comes to girls they always work hard to keep the attention of a guy who is too hard to get instead of the one's who are an easy catch. And the fact of the matter is that most nice guys are a very easy catch.

What you don't know yet- Ever tried to wonder what's in a woman's mind? What is she thinking about? Do you know that women do not always mean what they say? They might say something and mean the exact opposite. But what do women actually want? Do you know there are some secrets women don't want men to know but you absolutely must know these secrets in order to succeed with women? Read on to discover 9 most “Shocking Secrets" women don't want men to know. This is something you can't afford to miss at any cost click here- Tell Me The Secrets

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Dating Tips For Guys The Difference Between Nice and Mr Nice Guy
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