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What is Bothering in Your Love Life? Have You Found Your True Love Yet?


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"What is Love?" Is Love always blind or is this just only applicable in the beginning of a romantic love relationship? Once we open ours eyes, we often see each others weaknesses and starting to blame, which leads to conflicts and communication barriers between the couple.

So, what are the communication secrets with your partner? Why some people succeed in marriage and why some don't?

Perhaps we can help; our bazi master can provide analysis to you and your partner's hidden characters and love cycle. By learning more about oneself and our partner, we will be more understanding in each other's behavior and become more tolerant and forgiving in one's act.

If your Mrs/Mr. Right has still not appeared, have you wondered why? Or is someone around which you have not noticed? Perhaps our bazi consultant can advise your love cycles, where and when is a good place/time to meet your significant other and which year is a high potential year for marriage. We can also provide love compatibility analysis for you and your potential ones. Going out with someone not compatible could be painful and wasting your time.

Bazi and Feng Shui is not superstitious itself, it's an ancient act with wisdom. If we know how to utilize these tools properly, we can be very beneficial. Our Bazi master is not only a consultant, but also a good coach who guides you through your bad times and sweetens your favorable ones. Feng Shui, the art of placement, can also enhance your love or married life. By placing the right objects in the right place, it allows blessing “Chi" to enter the house and thus, creating a harmonious, sweet and healthy marriage relationship.

Wishing you a happy love journey!

For more inquiries, please contact us at or visit our website at

About Ellen Lo
Ellen Lo is the founder of a website that offers feng shui and bazi services especially for the lost ones in love relationships. Ellen has a mission to combine coaching with Bazi and Feng Shui to make this a better world with harmonious and happy environment.


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Sacred Love - Change Your Love Life, Change the World - Global Peace Starts in ..
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