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How to Read Mens Body Language to Tell If Hes Interested

Gillian Reynolds

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Men can be incredibly difficult to read. It's sometimes almost impossible to know whether a man is into you or not. Asking him if he's happy or enjoying spending time with you isn't always the best approach. If you really want to know if a man is interested in you, you need to be aware of how to read men's body language. The way he conducts himself around you can reveal a great deal about how he feels.

In order to read men's body language you have to pay close attention to almost everything he does. One of the more subtle clues that a man is sincerely interested in you is he'll raise his eyebrows when he's looking at you. It may not even be that noticeable but for women who know what they are looking for, they can spot it in an instant. The next time you're meeting the man you adore, take special notice of his eyebrows. If they rise and fall when he first sees you, he's smitten.

Just as women fuss with their hair when they are attracted to a man, men do much the same thing around a woman they like. Depending on how he wears his hair, he may either smooth it down or tousle it a bit. You may first think that he's simply self conscious about his hair, but more than likely it's because he's attracted to you and wants to appeal to you too.
When talking with a man, if he leans towards you that's a clear indicator that he's taken with you. This is one of the easiest methods to read the body language of a man. If instead, he's got his arms crossed and he's leaning his back against a wall while standing in front of you, this shows he's not that attracted to you.

Many men sit with their legs crossed and even this unconscious gesture can help you read men's body language. If you two are sitting together and he crosses his legs in such a way that the foot on the crossed leg is pointing at you, that's a sign that he's into you. Most women aren't aware of this body language signal, so take time to notice it next time you're out with the man you like.

Specific things you say and do can make a man feel helplessly drawn to you. If you are convinced he is the one there are things you can do to ensure he only has eyes for you. For more informative tips about understanding men including a way to get him to fall deeply in love with you, visit this Helpful Site !


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How To Use Body Language To Read A Person Like A Book
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