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How to Attract Girls Or the Top 3 Ways to Get Girls to Notice You


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Dealing with women you want to attract is a special chapter in every man's life. You can make a ton of mistakes interacting with women, because women are much more sensitive about social dynamics. Women can figure out how much experience you have with other women in minutes - if not in seconds.

If you wonder why, here's the reason: Women have a much higher interaction experience than men because they:

A) in general interact more (with men and women) and even more important:

B) since they were 13 years old guys were hitting on them. So the sum of experience women have with guys is much higher than men have with women. Ergo, men have a lot to catch up on.

What does this mean for you? Simply that the more experience you get in interacting with women, the BETTER you will get (provided that you don't make the same mistakes again and again). This means you have to practice a lot. You have to know this before you take a look at the

Top 3 Ways to Get Girls to Notice You:

1) Improve the way you dress.

Looks are NOT the most important part of attracting girls, but they are important, because they affect how somebody who doesn't know you will assess you. People judge by the looks and you have only seconds to demonstrate that you are a man of style. Don't mess it up with boring sweaters and dirty sneakers.

You don't have to dress like a gigolo either. If you look like a software engineer, try to loosen your clothes a little bit - add some color to it. Get rid of plaid and Hawaiian shirts. Look for some interesting necklaces, rings or wristlets. Why? Because every woman wants to know what they stand for.

2) Be social.

This simply means that on every given event where a lot of people come together, you should interact with different women and men. Get to know people. Try to make a habit of it.

Why? Because one of the things women look for in a man is (social) status. Standing alone in a corner with a beer in your hand watching all the other people having fun is the lowest status you can demonstrate. You think women are too busy talking to someone to notice it? As if! Women have something like a radar for social status. They notice in seconds who's the center of attraction on a party (and feel drawn to this person) and who's the loser nobody's talking to.

So, try to become the center of attraction interacting with people. It's not easy, especially if you are not a social person. But it's no nuclear science either, that means you can learn it. For example you can come up with: “Hi guys! I have a quick question for you - who lies more, men or women?" It's a topic everyone likes to talk about and nobody will shut you down on this one. The tricky thing with this “opener" (a question or statement you start a conversation with) is that you need to explain why you are asking. So say something like “I read a female magazine (at the dentist) today and they did this study. Me and my buddy are arguing about it all day. . . "

If you need more good openers, I can recommend this e-Book (the cool thing about it: there is a 60 day money back guarantee).

If you are a shy person and can't bring yourself to talk to “strangers", please consider this: Shyness is not in your genes. It all comes back to a habit. For the most part you are shy because you don't talk to (many) people! Make the first step, than make the second and the third. And before you can say knife being social will become your new habit.

You don't want to change yourself? Maybe this will motivate you: If you carry on doing what you've always done, you'll carry on getting what you've always got - the same poor outcomes (no girls, no fun, no happiness).

3) Be different.

This sounds like an ad slogan and is nonetheless a key point in attracting girls. Try to develop a unique personality, your own point of view on anything. Have concrete goals in life.

Why? Because it makes you interesting, it makes you stand out from the last 10 or even 100 guys the girl you're talking to hooked up with. It's a fact: Women like men with (concrete) goals as this demonstrates a strong, assertive character.

Being different also means that you can demonstrate (a special) value - something not everyone can do. This doesn't mean that you have to play a greasy song on the guitar (but do so if you can). For example you can ask her about the last time she laughed with all her heart (say a friend asked you this and you didn't know what to answer first). Ask her to tell you about the happiest moment of her life or a special moment in her childhood and then tell yours. Try to relate to her thoughts and feelings, but don't overdo it.

Read up on palm reading, dream interpretation or psycho tests (it's not that difficult to memorize this stuff as all those “tests" work with given patterns) and use it on your next date. Women love all kinds of tests.

Don't forget: it's not only about the content but your presentation as 90 % of the communication is non-verbal (60% is Body Language and 30% is Tone). That means you also have to learn how to read her body language. But don't be down in the mouth: Although it's a lot of work, it's a lot of fun too! And you will get better every time you perform those things. So, don't put it off, start practicing today!

P. S. You can find excellent tips on how to read women's body language here. Did you know that if she touches (or plays with) her hair or her neck/ ears she's probably interested in you? That if she puts on her lipstick right in front of you it doesn't mean she wants you to kiss her?


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