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How to Impress a Girl Impressing a Girl Using Unconventional Seduction Triggers

Derek Rake

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Want to impress a girl that you fancy? Here are a list of things that you should do. Be warned that the tips here might not sound too politically correct, but they work, period. These techniques are based on ‘covert’ psychological triggers so use them if you don't have any moral objection to them.

1. Be confident, and slightly cocky. Be self-assured, and at the same time don't hesitate to tease her. This will show that while you like her, she will have to earn your affection. In the seduction circles, this is known as “cocky funny", and is known to yield tremendous results.

2. Learn cold reading techniques, and apply them. For example, say, “You seem like the kind of girl who is comfortable socially and like having lots of friends for company. However, sometimes you like to be alone. " Another example would be, “You do try to be thrifty, but sometimes you like to pamper yourself. " Nine times out of then, the girl will identify with those lines, and feel that they have found a soulmate in you. This is really powerful stuff.

3. If you bring a girl out on a date, remember to ‘move’ her around a few locations. This will create an illusion that you have spent a lot of time together with her, and she will feel a certain connection with you. Trust me, this technique works like a charm!

These tips may sound outlandish (and totally different from what you may hear from other dating gurus), but they work.

You may, however, find that impressing girls may just be the very first step in your journey to get all the girls that you want (and deserve). I would recommend that you check out this technique called ‘fractionation’ which is reputed to be the ultimate ‘secret weapon’ that the masters use to seduce women. An ebook on that topic can be found here for free at

Be warned, though, that the tactic is deadly powerful and definitely not for novices. While it is deadly effective, it is also known to create undesirable effect on the woman if misused. Don't say I didn't warn you!

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