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Why Nice Guys Finish Last - How to Become More Attractive to Women


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Want to know how to become more attractive to women? Tired of falling always into the friends zone? Sick of being the nice guy? Find out how to become the guy every woman wants!

Be confident - the key to woman's heart is in self confidence. Women want a strong, assertive and confident guy, there is nothing new here. Why? Because almost all of them have very low self confidence and they want a strong, confident guy to feel safe with him!

Don't be too available - women, like all other creatures, love challenges. When you are making yourself too available for her the challenge is gone and it's not interesting anymore. Show her that you have a lot of things to do except of spending time with her! That's way you will be more attractive!

Don't try to impress her or to please her - that's a part of being more confident. Do what you want and not what she wants! Don't ask for her approval for anything! If she will see that she has a lot of influence on you and she can make you do what she wants (even by manipulations), you are making no challenge for her anymore, you are not attractive!

Never chase a woman - repeat this again! There is nothing that turns off women more than a gay who calls them ten times per hour and doesn't leave them alone. Think about, would you be attracted to a woman who calls you so much? Would you want to be in a relationship with her? I guess not, we all are attracted to more independent people who have their own lives too.

Don't expose you feelings before you know that she feels the same - this is not some Hollywood movie, this is the real world! If you will tell someone that you spent only 3 dates with her that you love her, she will go crazy and you probably will never see her again. Go slow, women don't like guys who are falling in love so fast because they want to feel special, they want to feel that they earned you, everyone wants to be sure that she is the one for you and you are the one for her!

Don't let her to turn you into another friend - unless you want to become her friend. If you see that she comes to you to cry, to talk about another guys or about her period you have to stop it immediately! Show her that with you she can forget about all her problems and enjoy the life! Leave all her problems to her friends!

I hope this article helped you to understand what women really want and why nice guys fail where jerks succeed.

Are you sick of being the nice guy? Are you sick of hearing “Let's be just friends"? Want to discover how to stop being the nice guy and how to attract women Click here to find out how!

how to become more attractive to women

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Are You A Nice Guy? - Learn Why Women Dislike Nice Guys
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