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Stop Being a Nice Guy - Tips How to Attract Women!


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Tired of being alone? Sick of hearing “Let's be just friends" from every girl you want? Want to know what women really want from you and how to become more attractive? Keep reading!

Be nice, don't be too nice - the meaning is that you have to respect the woman, to be a gentleman and to know how to treat a woman but don't push it. Be nice but don't be her doggy! Don't do everything she wants from you, don't try to impress her or to please her and never chase her. When woman seeing a guy that is too nice, she thinks that he is lonely, despaired and weak. Woman don't like weak guys, they want strong man!

Don't be needy - women hate guys that don't have their own life and the new woman is their entire world. Stop thinking about her too much, stop calling her 10 times a day because you are not making things better. Let her think about you, let her miss you, let her call you and chase you, let her start feeling things to you!

Become more dominant - it's very important if you don't want to spend the rest of your days as a single and it's also very easy to do. When you want to go out with her don't ask her if she wants and when she wants, Just tell her “I will pick you up at ten, be ready" if she doesn't want try to suggest another hour or another day and if she refuses then say something “All right, call me when you will be free" and delete her number. There is a lot of nice and good looking woman out there that won't play games with you!

Act naturally - also very important. What I mean by it is that being too shy, to accept with everything she is saying and try to impress her - this is not acting naturally! It's not you! When you sitting with a girl in the park, just go with it and have fun. Don't stop to think “Is she thinking I am attractive? What to do to attract her". No! Try this approach “Am I having fin with her? How to make it even better for me" understand?

When you are on a date or talking to a girl from your class, always have fun! It's the best advice I have for you, it what relationships are all about - having fun with each other.

Are you tired of being rejected again and again? Want to know how to become a jerk women love ? Click here to find out how to become more attractive to women and stop being just a friend!

stop being a nice guy

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Men attract women – Ways Men Attract Women through Personal
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