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How to Become a Jerk Women Love and Why Nice Guys Finish Last!


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Did you ever wonder why nice guys finish last? Why all the jerks, who treats women without respect and only want one thing from them, are getting all the women? Keep reading and find out what every woman really wants from a man!

Domination - women, especially attractive women love dominant guys. They want the guy to lead, to decide what will happen next and to feel confidence with him! Instead of asking her what she wants to do today, try to come up with something, even something unusual and you can even make a surprise for her. Being more assertive and initiative it's the key in relationships!

Strength, confidence and self esteem - the elements to becoming more attractive to women! As I said before women want to feel like there is a strong man beside them and nothing bad can happen. With low self confidence and low self esteem you are not exactly the guy they are dreaming about. How to improve your confidence? That's not so hard! Try to talk to new girls around you, take some phone numbers. The confidence will come with an experience, and after you will talk to 10-20 girls you will feel more confident about yourself!

Learn how to say “No" - there is an old expression: woman turns to a woman when she says yes, man turns into a man when he says no! if you will always try to impress her, try to please her and do everything she will ask you - you are not a man she wants to be with. You are just another guy who will become her friend. Show her that she won't get anything that easy from you, that she has to earn it! Also you have to let her know that you also have your own life, your friends and your hobbies! Don't call her 10 times per day, like you have nobody else to talk with. Don't be available for her every time she wants to meet.

If you don't want to be her friend, don't act like one - nice guys have a little problem, they are always trying to help the girls out. Stop it! It their friends’ job to listen to all her problems and to be the nice guy that is always there for them! You are not one of the nice guys anymore, you are not of their friends. You are a potential boyfriend, so start acting like one. Instead of listening to all her nonsense take her out, drink some beer and have a good time with her. Make her forget about the problems when she is with you!

I really hope that I helped you. Women are complicated creatures, and a lot of men just don't understand them and what they want! Thank you for reading the article!

Are you tired of being rejected again and again? Want to know how to become a jerk women love ? Click here to find out how to become more attractive to women stop being just a friend!

become a jerk women love

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Are You A Nice Guy? - Learn Why Women Dislike Nice Guys
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