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Follow Dating Advice For Women!


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If something always goes wrong

Something always goes wrong in your personal life, doesn't it? It can simply mean that you don't know some general rules of dating game. Are you surprised to hear that dating is a kind of game? Surely, it is! And as any game it has its main principles that we need to follow. If we follow them, we will be a success. If not, we will be losers in this battle.

It is necessary!

So you see how necessary it is to follow tips for dating. Today I will be writing about dating advice for women. Accordingly, if you are a man, you can look away for some pieces of advice written specially for guys. It is common knowledge that dating advice for women and for men is rather various as both sexes differ one from another. Certainly, everyone will agree with the fact. So read dating tips for females.

Dating tips for females

Firstly, if you are a woman, your rule number one is to look great: splendid hair style, super make-up and stylish clothes - men get hooked on all these things. Every woman should know that males are fond of females’ outlook. If a woman looks great, she has a great power. What is more, if you look good, then you feel good. You have comfort inside your soul and you are self-convenient. Secondly, you should be a mystery for your boyfriend. That's why don't give out all the information about yourself. Every male would like his woman to be mysterious and enigmatic. And also you should do it for the sake of your safety. If you do not know the person well, you'd better not give his all information about you, for instance, home address, right on the first date. Keep the private info until you are sure that the person with whom you date is trustworthy. Also for safety reasons take your mobile phone with you on your dating and tell your friends/relatives with whom and where you are going. Date at first in familiar public places in order to avoid possible problems when you are with an unknown man.

Some more pieces of advice

The next point is not to talk about your former boyfriends. How many did you have and what were their personal qualities is your own business. Also you should not talk too much about your father and criticize his mother. One more thing: don't be too available. Otherwise you make yourself too dependent and uninteresting. You should have some personal time for yourself. And the last thing: be always positive even if your dates don't end well. Remember that you will obviously meet someone better!

Study dating tips and

date ! It is a great fun!


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