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How To Woo A Girl - 3 Behaviors Of Successful Guys


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You want to know how to woo a girl? Have you ever wondered why some guys seem to be able to woo girls without any efforts while others just keep failing no matter how hard they try?

Well, there is really no secret. If you haven't been very successful, then it is about time you start to observe what other successful guys are doing. Generally, guys who are very successful with women exhibit the following behavior:

1) They are very confident with themselves. Well, girls are naturally attracted to men who are sure of themselves. Don't ask me why, it is just something subconscious. What women want are real men.

Successful guys remain calm and cool even when they see a very attractive woman. Most average men will go all out to complement an attractive lady, but this is usually not very effective.


An attractive lady knows she is attractive. Thousands of men have said that to her, so what makes you different from the other men? Act differently and don't be afraid to tease her. This will arouse her interest in you.

2) They treat women nicely but they don't go all the way out to please a woman. In fact, they don't need to. That is because their life doesn't revolve around a woman. They don't show signs of “Oh, I can't live without her". Nothing turns a woman off more than this type of mentality.

They also take the initiative to lead. They will not hesitate to make decision. An average guy usually try to please a woman too much, like asking her “Where do you want to go?" Successful man decides where to go and any woman is happy that the man takes the initiative to make the decision.

3) They are humorous. Girls like guys who know how to make them laugh. Laughter helps to ease away all tension. Unfortunately, most guys are not humorous by nature. However, if you are not humorous, don't worry too much about it.

Just like riding a bicycle, humor is a skill that can be developed. Here are a few ways to become more humorous. Firstly, hang out more with other guys that you find humorous. Their sense of humor will rub off you eventually. Secondly, be on the lookout for humorous materials. Watch stand up comedy. Some of those jokes may be suitable for use in a normal conversation. You just have to know how to adapt it.

Have you been listening to men's advice on dating? Do you really believe that a man can understand exactly what a woman wants?

Let a woman tells you exactly how to get a woman's phone number and a date even if you are bald, fat or ugly.

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