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Why It Is Said Nice Guys Finish Last

Francis K Githinji

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The term “nice guy" is ambiguous and subject to debate. No single person can claim to be good through and through, 100% pure goodness. When it comes to dating and relationships, guys are usually classified into two categories, the nice guys and the bad guys or the jerks. Now, in the dating game, how do nice guys perform? Do nice guys’ really finish last in this game? Is it true that they are underdogs in the dating game? The world must be a very strange place. Otherwise why would a woman looking for a potential mate overlook a nice guy and instead choose a bad guy?

A resent research in the UK indicated that many women looking for potential mates preferred the so called nice guy. Tradition has it that women prefer the macho man. A man with a square jaw, broad shoulders, rough brow with small eyes and packed with muscles. It is genetically embedded in the woman. She still looks for a mate who can defend her and her children. Toughness means a macho male will sire strong children. This survey indicated that the macho man who falls in the category of the bad guy is not preferred by a woman who is planning to start a family. It was realized that bad guys are less committed to their partners and families. They have a rogue spirit that will not allow them to settle down especially with one partner.

Bad and rogue guys hold a lot of attraction to a woman. It must be exciting to do the extraordinary, or to break the norms set down by the society. On the other hand maybe a nice guy is dull in the eyes of a woman. Or how do you explain why a woman falls in the hands of a heart breaker and continues to stick there despite being approached by really nice guys? She is molested psychologically but nothing will stop her from pursuing this man. She feels her destiny lies with this man, a bad guy. But you ask yourself, where are the nice guys? It must be natural selection at work. The nice guys are pushed aside by the alpha male in the dating scene. The alpha male also translates into a bad guy. This male is at the top of the pecking order in the male hierarchy. The nice guys are at the lower order. They fade into oblivion when the alpha male is in sight and hence the alpha male dominates the females.

Whether or not nice guys finish last, was settled by the UK survey. It was established that women who want to settle down and have children and start a family, usually feature the nice guys on their priority list. It was concluded that nice guys will dedicate their time to their families and are committed to their partners. They were favored by women due to their capacity of maintaining long term relationships. This is why they are much sought after when a woman has finally decided to settle down in that part of the world. It would only be fare to conclude that, in the long run nice guys do not really finish last. The tide has turned in their favor.

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