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How To Attract Girls - Part 1


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How to attract girls without them even knowing it. Remember, there's only one part of a man's body that most girls will melt for - and it's not what you think. . .

Here is some very important tips to remember:

  • Girls will very seldom just start chatting with you because it is the way they were brought up. They expect men to make the first move because they fear rejection just as much as men, except they take it much more personal. By making the first move you immediately take that fear away from her and she can see you have the guts to do something
  • Girls give off some signals when they want you to talk with with her. Make a point to pay very close attention at what she does. It might just be a little smile or a quick glance. Remember they want your attention without letting you think that they want it. The guy who become a master at reading the signs will never be without a gorgeous girl.
  • Girls are turned on most by your eyes. Make strong eye-contact without glaring. A good strong eye-contact is far more valued than good looks. Make sure you look in her eyes and not the rest of her body like her legs or breasts.
  • When you notice the girl you like, make strong eye contact and pay careful attention at what she does. If she quickly look back and smile and turn away, you made contact and you can progress to talking with her. If she just glare back at you with that icy look it might be better for you to steer in the other direction.

How to attract girls is easy and great fun when you know how to read the signals.

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How to Get Girls Or the Top 3 Behavior Patterns That Attract All Women
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