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Some Vital First Date Tips


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While there are a plethora of tips for both men and women going on their first date with a new suitor, this article with focus mostly on the male side of the spectrum. It seems men have a little more difficult than women knowing just how to behave on a first date. this often leads to feeling rejected afterwards when the woman doesn't care to go on any further dates. Of course, this has little to do with the guy himself, and everything to do with his failure to follow some simple rules that would have made the outing a success. Here, without further ado, are some vital first date rules for men, the following of which will lead to further dates, and the greater enjoyment of those he goes on.

The first tip we should discuss is the matter of payment. In this day and age, with women taking more of the traditional man's role in every place from the home to the office, it can be tempting to think it's okay to let her pay for a few things on the first date. Perish the thought. Women may be liberated, but they still don't want to go out with a cheap man. If you can't afford Broadway tickets and dinner at a five star restaurant on your first date, slide the scale lower until you find some activities you can afford. It's not okay to let the woman pay. After a few months of dating this rule goes away, but for the first date, it's imperative.

Next, let's discuss for a moment the choosing of those activities. One good idea is to avoid the movies. Of course, movies and dinner make up the most common first date combination, but that may be why most first dates fail to turn into a second. What are you learning about your date, sitting in a dark movie theater, watching entertainment? Not a thing. Take her to dinner, and talk to her during the meal. Take her to a club and dance with her. These activities foster communication and closeness, and can lead to a second date. This is where you can bring out the trusty movie date.

Finally, don't forget your etiquette. If you don't have any, take some time to learn it before going on your dinner date. Follow your rules to a T. Even if the woman doesn't know them or doesn't appreciate them, it will make you a better man in the process. Along with manners, concentrate on proper grooming, nice attire, and an overall good appearance. The old commercial says you never get a second chance to make a first impression. This is absolutely true, so don't forget it.

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