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Three Key Online Dating Profile Tips


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Internet dating has changed the way many Americans seek out their true love. What was once filled with a great deal of stigma has now been used and used with success by even those who had little trouble finding a date in the real world. The reasons are as simple as they are plentiful. After a while, everyone gets a little tired of the bar scene and its one-night-stand mentality. Everyone outgrows it, or at least everyone should. There comes a time when you want to find someone with whom you can start a long term meaningful relationship, and it becomes increasingly obvious that it will be hard to find such a person in a bar setting. Thus, the online dating revolution.

If you've been wanting to join an online dating service, but get frozen at the thought of making up a good profile, we will help you by putting forth three excellent tips every online dater should think about applying. These online dating profile tips will help you attract more interest and get more dates than you ever thought possible. Without any further ado, here they are, in no particular order.

TIP # 1: Be Positive

It is a common mistake to begin your profile with a good dose of negativity. You should avoid this at all costs. A lot of people feel a degree of shame or embarrassment when filling their profile out, and thus feel the need to put a layer of ironic detachment between themselves and what they are writing. Unfortunately, all this does is make you sound like a negative person, and few people are on the lookout for such a personality. Be positive, outline your best qualities, and keep an upbeat spirit, even if it kills you. The difference it makes in the types of responses you get will be astonishing.

TIP #2: Stand Out From the Crowd

This is where your inherent creativity comes into play. You need to bring humor, interesting ideas, and uniqueness into your profile. Maybe not so much uniqueness that you seem like a weirdo, but enough so that your profile doesn't sound like everyone else's. Avoid the phrase “walks on the beach" at all costs, unless you are lampooning it. Why does everyone think of this silly activity when filling out their dating profile. Sure, everyone likes walking on the beach. That's precisely why you shouldn't bother writing it in your profile.

TIP #3: Repel the Unwanted Queries

A lot of people fill out a profile with the thought that they may not want to include this or that because they might offend someone. Perish the thought. If you don't want any overweight people to contact you, go right ahead and put that in your profile. Who's it going to keep away? That's right, overweight people. It's your profile, so be honest, and you'll get much more of what you want, and much less of what you don't.

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