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Why Are Younger Women Attracted To Older Men?


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It is a question that young men have asked since the dawn of time. It simply seems unfair. Women, by and large, seem much more attracted to older men in their thirties (or beyond) than those of their own age group. You can even start to see the seeds of this in high school, where it seemed like every decent girl was dating some guy in college, or at least a few years older than them. Why is that? Why are younger women attracted to older men?

The answer is not simple, and it is of course not the same for every girl. In fact, many girls, when confronted with the issue, would deny it being the case, even if they were currently dating someone older. They would say they were attracted to them because of who they were, regardless of age. This is, of course, not the entire truth, regardless of what they think or say. The truth is, men get better as they get older. Well, not all men, but by and large, this is true. Men under thirty are very often no good at all. They are immature, without a decent job, and they have no real clue as to how to treat a woman. This is stereotyping, of course, but the point of this article in generalities, not specifics.

Older men have discovered things about themselves and learned life lessons that younger men have not. They have been through that amorous period where it seemed like a conquest to sleep with as many women as possible and leave them behind. They have matured, and they know a little more about what they're looking for. They've been through the ringer a couple of times and they've been around the block. They aren't as likely to get jealous about silly things that boys of a younger age will tend to blow out of proportion.

Then there are, of course, the more practical considerations. Older men have usually achieved more in life than their younger counterparts. They simply have more to offer a woman in terms of money, stability, and even basic conversation. Their idea of a good time is not to party with friends 24/7 and play video games while their girlfriend is ignored on the couch. They are more serious, and more able to provide. In the end, this is a lot of what a woman is looking for in a man, especially when she's confronted by so much of the other type on a daily basis.

Of course, dating older men is not for every woman. Each woman has different needs, and different qualities she's looking for in a man. If you are a younger guy, though, and have become frustrated with this paradigm, just look on the bright side: soon you will be older, too, and be able to enjoy all the benefits the current crop of older men are enjoying today.

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