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Hunting For The Top Man

Melvin Polatnick

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The mythological Huntress of Greek literature is the eternal symbol of all females. Many of today's women are more flexible than that Huntress who was limited to a full moon to do her hunting, today she can hunt by day or night. Her prey has always been a special man, and Nature designed her to get him. The goal of the Huntress since the beginning of time was to have her future children survive. The best way to do that was by having them fathered by the fittest man in her group. This design is still alive in the genetic code of many of today's women and is still useful.

The Huntress is natures most wonderful construction. She picks the best and disregards the worst. If not for her wisdom we would breed ourselves into extinction. A free society is one where the huntress is free to hunt for that special man without any government or individual standing in her way. Most men are like nest building male birds that work hard to construct a place that is attractive to the Huntress. Impregnating her is their goal.

Unfortunately there are not enough eligible men for the Huntress to choose from. Only ten percent of the men are desired by ninety percent of the women. Most women would rather share a quality male then have a loser all for themselves. The genetic code of the Huntress is not only good for her but it is also good for the economy, it keeps men working hard to keep from being a loser. Losers have no choice but to sit on the sidelines and watch others have all the fun.

There are those in pharmaceutical companies that are attempting to change the genetic code of the Huntress. They want to change its code to make her less selective. That would help many of us who have a difficult time appealing to her. Ninety percent of the men that are seen as losers would then be able to have a great love life. This would be the greatest advance in humanitarian progress. It would make every man a king. Lets hope that genetic code is quickly broken and updated to everyday needs. In the meantime I will continue my lifestyle as a recluse.


Retired and single recluse


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