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Sexy Body - What's All the Fuss About?

Edward Welch

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Sexy body syndrome – the obsession of having a sexy body - is an amazing American addiction. But my question is why? Follow me through a few thoughts – we’ll delve into some “truths” about the sexy body – particularly in the context of relationships, love, dating, marriage and living happily ever after with your prince or princess.

Everyone wants to have a sexy body – everyone likes to see a sexy body. The attraction to a sexy body (male or female) cannot be denied. It’s like a chemical thing – we react in a primitive manner – it’s like we can’t help it – we’re drawn to that sexy body.

If a sexy body is such an important part of a dating or marriage relationship – why do thousands of sexy bodied men and women continue to walk in the shadow of loneliness every day? Why do they continue to cheat, get divorced and have miserable relationships? Maybe the sexy body isn’t as important as we think?

With our natural tendencies to be highly drawn to those with a sexy body – it’s easy to understand why we might place such a high emphasis on its importance. Not to mention the barrage of sexy body marketing we’re hit with daily. However, why are we continually fooled into thinking that if we can just have that awesome sexy body – we’ll find our prince or princess and live happily ever after?

Everyone knows that a sexy body is temporary. If you don’t believe me – take a look at folks who’ve been married a few years – particularly those with kids? How many of those people still have a sexy body? Ladies, what do children do to that sexy body? Time and again, you see the newly divorced man or woman – working out at the gym, losing weight – working to find that sexy body once again. Why? Think about it – a sexy body is a great way to attract guys – but it’s more likened to the way a man is attracted to a big juicy steak. Why would any man or woman want to be a steak? I know it makes us feel good for guys or gals to look at us with desire. But when you’re seeking a serious relationship – you know - the one where you live happily ever after? Why start the relationship on the foundation of a sexy body - a sexy body that probably won’t be around in a few years (maybe less)?

Ok, I’m a man and I’m attracted to those sexy bodies just as much as any other man. However, having been happily married for over 10 years – I can tell you from experience – those little things that help you to live happily ever after with your prince or princess have nothing to do with a sexy body. Things like respect, giving, communication, mutual admiration, fun, smiles, sharing, serving, caring, loyalty, commitment, etc.

So, next time you find yourself feeling down because you don’t have the sexy body you think you need in order to be happy – give yourself a “sexy body reality check”. Remember those things that truly are important to the goal of living happily ever after with your prince or princess and stop trying to be a big juicy steak. After all, what does a person do when he/she is finished with that juicy steak?

E Lawrence Welch

Mr. Welch is an expert in the areas of love, dating, marriage and relationships. He has a Marriage & Love Blog . Additionally, he owns and operates an online retail holster store - Pyle Mountain Holsters .


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