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What to Give Your Significant Other at Special Occasions


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Gift giving can be tough. Gift giving when you have only been dating a few month can be even tougher. The gift should be appropriate for the amount of time you have been dating. Give a woman diamond earrings for their birthday when you have only been dating a month may scare her off. Giving someone just a card for Valentine's Day when you have been dating for two years, you are sure to be in trouble.


Less Than Three Months
Spend it with your family and call him or her from home. It's too early to expect that you will spend these family-oriented holidays together. If you're in the same town, you can always invite your date over for dessert later.

Three to Six Months
If you've been dating for more than three months, bringing your partner to a friend's house for dinner is appropriate, but it's still a little early to bring them home to the folks if your parents live out of state. However, if you all live in the same city or reasonably close, it is probably okay. Feel it out.

Six Months Plus
If your new honey hasn't already met your family, now is the time. It can be a little nerve wracking and you might not have much of an appetite for your mom's turkey dinner, so be prepared. If you get invited to a family event, be on your best behavior and dress on the conservative side. Come bearing gifts and offer to do the dishes. Also, pay attention to how your significant other is around his or her family — you'll get a sneak peak of the real person coming out, so take notes!

New Year's Eve

Less than three months
New Year's Eve has taken over from Valentine's Day as the world's most high-pressured and overpriced date night. If you've been together less than a month, don't expect anything— continue with your previous plans. If you're doing something where you can bring a date, mention it lightly, but don't be offended if they already have other plans.

If the two of you have been dating for more than a month, feel it out discreetly and make sure you have backup plans so you don't sit home alone sulking.

Three to Six Months
It's a date. Plan something fun and expect to bring in the New Year with a midnight kiss from your dream date.

Six Months Plus
This is your first New Year together and you're in the sweetest part of the Honeymoon period, so make it special and celebrate your coupledom.

Valentine's Day

Less than three months
Don't even bring it up if you've been dating for a month or less. If you've been dating for more than a month, bring it up casually, but don't expect anything.

Three to Six Months
If you've been together this long, it's reasonable to expect to exchange gifts and to enjoy a good dinner together. If one of you isn't up for that, it's likely you're in different places in your relationship.

Six Months Plus
This is a time for somewhat bigger romantic gestures — a special dinner together at a fancier restaurant than you usually go to and an exchange of gifts that are nicer.


Less Than Three Months
Under a month, just wish them a happy birthday and buy them a drink the next time you go out. If you've been dating more than a month, bring them a thoughtful (though not necessarily expensive) gift.

Three to Six Months
A nicer gift and/or flowers is reasonable, along with a nice dinner alone or with friends.

Six months plus
Invite a few of your honey's favorite friends and throw a surprise dinner party.

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