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Can A Miserable Love Life Lead To Depression?

Lee Blackspur

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A bad dating relationship can actually lead to problems with depression. Most people, however, fail to see how problematic relationships can be for their health, even though some can prove fatal.

Depression can be a very serious illnesses and it is best to leave a miserable relationship before the person sinks any lower into the depths of depression. This article will examine depression within a bad relationship as well as how to avoid both.

It is important to ensure that your relationship is a healthy one. Any abuse whether it be verbal, physical or emotional should never be tolerated. Many women and men assume that they can change this behavior with their partner, but what they do not realize is the fact that most likely it will get worse with time. The best way to avoid this situation is to leave before the abuse or problems get any worse.

It is better to suffer the hurt today than stay and have to contend with any children or other financial obligations.

Depression can arise when an individual feels that they are fighting a losing relationship or dating battle. If the only feedback that they get from their partner is negative or abusive, it causes a lowering of self-esteem and worthless feelings about themselves. It is important that anyone in a negative or painful relationship seek the help of a professional or other support group to keep their self-esteem and worth at a normal level. Otherwise it can cause difficulties that are sometimes beyond the individuals control and can lead to more serious problems. Depression is not something that should be taken lightly and if the person progresses to suicidal threats, they should receive help immediately.

Ways to beat the blues and keep problems from continuing is to have a strong support group. This support group can include family, friends, co-workers or any other responsible adult that you can trust. These individuals will not only give you somewhere to turn, but someone to talk to as well. Unfortunately, when people are in miserable dating relationships sometimes they can not see the forest for the trees. What is meant is that they may not truly see the extent of the problem, but family members or friends can help them understand the damage of the relationship. A strong foundation of loved ones is the key to getting out of a miserable relationship before it is too late.

If you are in a miserable dating relationship, but it is because there is a lack of communication, temporary problem or something that can be resolved easily, then seek help. Sometimes couples run into disagreements or other issues that can be sorted out with some type of mediator. It is not always necessary to end the relationship just because you are having a difficult time, but if it is in any way abusive, then leave.

Dating relationships should be loving and make you feel good about yourself as a person. If you are constantly defending yourself, watching your every step or feeling belittled by your partner, please understand that it is not healthy. There is a big difference between a relationship that is miserable because of small things that are easy to fix, and larger more complex problems. Small problems can be worked through and the couple can move on to a healthy and fulfilling life together. If your problems are more complex and are past the help of anyone, then consider yourself lucky for the life lesson and find someone else.

Do not waste another precious moment on someone that does not deserve your love. You deserve the best in life and there is someone out there waiting for you to love them!

Lee Blackspur is the owner of which provides online and offline dating tips, advice and articles for men, women and teens of all ages and experience.


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