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The Great Appeal of Au Naturale

Arkady Itkin

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There are a lot of misconceptions among sexes out there as to what the opposite sex finds physically attractive. Make-up is a classic example of such a misconception, and it’s time it was cleared.

It is assumed among women that they look much better and “dressier” when they fix themselves up, which often includes heavy make up, eye liner, etc… Interestingly, most men find the natural, make up free look of an actual skin much more attractive and sexier than the skin covered with a layer of make up. The small imperfections of an actual skin make it look all more “real” and thus more appealing! A man’s mind dictates to him that the surface of a female skin is more beautiful and more desirable than the face that looks like a white wall.

Therefore, the key to using make-up is tastefulness and subtlety. If you have things to hide on your face, your use of liberal quantities of make-up is understandable and justified. If, however, you have a good skin, you should use very little or no make-up, because any excessive make up will not ad only detract from your beauty.

The same applies to lipstick. If your lips could use some emphasizing, then go ahead – find the color the flatters your overall look and use that lipstick. However, if you were blessed with thick, lush lips – their natural look will be much sexier and much more desirable to the opposite sex than that sticky, smelly paste we call lipstick. And be assured that the vast majority of men would much rather kiss your lips than the paint that so many women put on their lips.

Indeed, men are driven toward and are turned on by that which looks more… real – that which it is easier to relate to or fantasize about. This must be one of the reasons why “Girls Gone Wild” made it so big – their footage was not portraying supermodels in surreal, tropical island, but regular, “next door” college girls in and around their schools, which was far more real than a man can find in any magazine, and most website.

So, the bottom line is this: if you were given the gift of natural beauty, be proud of it and don’t conceal it by accessories that don’t really flatter but take away from your beauty.

Akady Itkin
J. D. , McGeorge Law School, Sacramento, California. (2007)
M. Philosophy, San Fransisco State University, San Francisco California
Author of best selling audio programs on dating, weight-loss and personal growth at


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