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The Top 10 Reasons Why He Hasn't Called Back


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It is said that women speak two to three times more words than men per day and at least twice as fast. Now, all of this talking can get some girls into a bit of trouble. You start talking and, you know what they say, “Loose lips sink ships. " Have you ever gone on a date, thought it went rather well, but the guy never called you again?

Could it have been something that you said?

Let's take a look at the top ten things that a woman should never say to a man.

First Date Tip #10 (What NOT to Say to a Guy)

"I'm on a diet. . . "

Those three little words can make a guy cringe on the inside. Believe it or not, guys like girls who actually EAT. If he takes you to a nice restaurant and you spend more time counting calories than you do engaging in interesting conversation, he won't be impressed. Big no-no, lady. For one night, you can leave the diet at home.

First Date Tip #9 (What NOT to Say to a Guy!)

"I have an obsessive compulsive disorder. . . "

I have a drug problem, I used to have an eating disorder, I have a hangnail - Newsflash! The first date (or even the first few dates) is not the time to reveal all. And it certainly isn't the time to tell the guy that you are bi polar or that you have alopecia and you're wearing a wig. Don't fall into the “tell all" trap and reveal everything about yourself, warts and all. Casual dating is not bound by the full disclosure rules.

So please girl, if you're smart, don't disclose.

First Date Tip #8 (What NOT to Say to a Guy!)

"I feel ugly. . . "

If you want him to run like a scalded dog, then start downing yourself. I feel fat/ugly/stupid, I hate my legs/hands/arms, and the list goes on. Shut up! Why on earth would you point out your flaws unless you want him to ditch you! At the best, you honestly feel unattractive and you really hate your arms, legs, whatever.

At the worst, you are fishing for compliments. Neither is attractive.

First Date Tip #7 (What NOT to Say to a Guy!)

"My ex. . . "

Do your date a favor and leave your ex at home with your diet. Any compliments that you may have for your ex, I promise you, your date doesn't want to hear them. I don't care if he was a Nobel Prize winner, that just gives the poor guy something that he has to live up to and, Heaven forbid, compete against. He doesn't want to hear you run your ex down, either, so just play it safe and let the ex conversation be off limits.

First Date Tip #6 (What NOT to Say to a Guy!)

"I'm looking for a sugar daddy. . . "

OK, maybe you don't come right out and say it, but there are many, many ways that you can insinuate that you are looking for a hot car and a cool bank account. Don't give the impression that you are a gold digger or only interested in his net worth. By dwelling on money and material things, you will be guaranteeing that you won't get that call for a second date.

First Date Tip #5 (What NOT to Say to a Guy!)

"I've slept with 19 men. . . "

You just really don't want to go there. The old adage that men can sleep with 50 women and they are studs, but a girl who has multiple partners is a slut is alive and well. Double standards stink, but they are very real. You have a double edged sword here, you sleep with only 5 men and you're a prude, more than 5, you're a “good time party girl. " You don't need to get into the *** partner discussion, and especially not on the first date.

First Date Tip #4 (What NOT to Say to a Guy!)

"I am on my period. . . "

The words, period, ovulation, cramps, uterus, ovaries or anything to do with the reproductive system of a woman can clear a room like nobody's business. Trust me, guys do not want to hear about your “female troubles" or anything even remotely connected to it. If you are crampy, bloated and cranky because it is “that time of the month, " keep it to yourself because he does not want to know. Believe me when I say that, as far as your date is concerned, ignorance is bliss.

First Date Tip #3 (What NOT to Say to a Guy!)

"My best friend slept with her sister's husband, but her sister was sleeping with. . . "

OK, just STOP! First, he probably doesn't even know these people so why should he care? Second, gossip is not attractive, plus it makes you look shallow and very “loserish. " Plus, it makes you seem really boring. Do yourself a favor, save the gossip for your girlfriends and stick to benign topics of conversation.

First Date Tip #2 (What NOT to Say to a Guy!)

"I Think I am Falling in Love with You. . . "

Many women will jokingly say this to a guy as a way of communicating that they think he is a great guy. I don't care if you connected with this guy on 40 different levels, don't use the “L" word! This is the first step to total possession as far as a guy is concerned. Plus, it makes you look unstable, clingy and needy. These are very scary things to a guy and can cause him to turn tail and run. There are few things that could scare him worse but I'm saving that for #1.

First Date Tip #1 (What NOT to Say to a Guy!)

"I can hear my biological clock ticking. . . "

Talking about getting married, having a family, the little house with the white picket fence, are all things that guys really don't want to know. Even hinting about marriage can send a guy running in the other direction faster than greased lightening. Stay away from the marriage and babies discussion. The poor guy wants to have a good time, not feel as if he is being evaluated as marriage material.

One final word of warning: Steer clear of topics on politics and religion unless you want to run the risk of your date ending up like a match on WWE. Politics and religion are simply too volatile to discuss on the first date - or even the first few dates. Those are topics best left to a later time when you know each other better. Venturing into that territory too soon could get ugly.

Kimee Luv is the attractive author of the report: "The 7 Deadly Dating Mistakes that Women Make"

You can get it for free at because every woman should remember these 7 deadly mistakes.


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