How To Tell Whether He-She Is Lying In A Online Dating


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One of the power tool in the process of interaction with other people in online dating is anonymity. With anonymity, it is a great advantage since other people are not fully aware of how an individual looks and what kind of person they are dealing with.

In addition, most people are able to say what they usually cannot disclose if done personally. On the other hand, most people have a lot of time analyzing their dates first before deciding to meet them in person. With this, they get to know who the person is, his /her personality, or what does he/she looks like even if it is only through pictures.

On the negative side, some people use this as one way of gaining the other person’s attention through deceptions and lies. So to be on the cautious side because of anonymity, below are some tips to identify whether the other person they are dating online is telling the truth or deceiving them.

1. When dating online , one should be wary of those who exaggerate or evade things that are too obvious not to notice.

This indicate that the other person is trying to hide something from you. Those who do these kinds of things can be very deceiving . Moreover, people who usually exaggerate may suggest that he/she is trying to cover something that is why they make an effort to change the topic at once.

2. Inconsistency

There are cases that some people usually tell stories of different varieties when dating online. In the course of the dating online, there are those who would keep on talking about certain things and when they are asked to tell the same story all over again, some discrepancies happen. The facts are no longer consistent with those that were mentioned before. These things would only suggest that the person is, indeed, deceiving his /her online date.

3. If the other person does not reveal too much of his / her personal information or anything about him/her, chances are, he /she may be deceiving his/her online dates.

So, for people who do not reveal much about who they are, it means that they are hiding something.

4. Intuitions

It may be too amusing to believe on intuitions. Nevertheless, there are cases where people who rely on their intuitions usually get positive results. Hence, if a person feels that his/her online date is not telling the truth, then, chances are, the person may not be telling the truth after all.

Experts say that through intuitions, the individual’s subconscious thought can identify inconsistencies that are not easily noticed. This can be very helpful especially when somebody is skilled enough to be consistent on his / her lies for a long time.

5. Another way in online dating, it would be better to chat online with your date over the web with a webcam. . In this way, one will be able to see each other facial expression and will be able to better to tell whether he/she is lying.

Here, an individual can detect a person who is trying to deceive him/her when he/she does not want to use a web cam or if there are just too many excuses.

The bottom line is that, if the other person has nothing to lie about, then, everything must be kept simple and straightforward. There should be no beating around the bush while answering some questions.

In reality, dating online that is free from any deceptions should be simple and based on truth, no more, no less.

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