Top 12 Pickup Lines - Have They Worked for You?


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Let's face it…. pickup lines rarely work to pick up somebody. They are humorous ice-breakers, and they only work if they are done tastefully, and with humor. You need to select lines that suit your personality, are original, witty and that you can feel sincere saying. Choose your pickup lines well…they could lead to a great, seductive relationship-or kill any chance you hoped to have!

So, which pick up line were voted into the Top 12 Reader's Favorites? Take a look:

Pick Up Line #1 - “Aside from being sexy (or ‘damn good looking'), what do you do for a living?"

Pick Up Line #2 - “Congratulations! You've been voted the best looking man/woman in the room.

Pick Up Line #3 - “Wow, and I thought “very fine" only came in a bottle!

Pick Up Line #4 - “You're the reason I came here alone tonight. "

Pick Up Line #5 - “Can I flirt with you?"

Pick Up Line #6 - “Does your boyfriend/girlfriend know where you are?"

Pick Up Line #7 - “If I could rearrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together. "

Pick Up Line #8 - “Excuse me, but I DO think it's about time we met. "

Pick Up Line #9 - “I hope you know CPR. Cos you take my breath away. "

Pick Up Line #10 - “You may be asked to leave soon. (Why?) ‘Cos you're making the other men/women look bad. "

Pick Up Line #11 - “My magical watch says you're not wearing any panties. (Oh…you are?) It must be an hour fast. "

Pick Up Line #12 - “You must be tired. (Why?) “Cos you've been running thru my mind all nite. "

Pickup lines are fun, and should showcase your wit and humor. However, if pickup lines seem awkward to you, and really aren't your style, take heart. Research from the University of Chicago clearly showed that the most effective pickup line remains…"Hi. "

Flirting is fun, and easy! Get more flirting tips on how to attract the person of your dreams.



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