To Attract Women Invite Her Into Your Life Instead Of On A Date

Teddy Shabba

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Most guys go on dates because it is the standard thing to do in our society.

Most women go on dates because they either like you or the stuff that they generally get on dates.

As a man you probably already realize that when you take a woman on a date there is no guarantee that you will get anything more than a thank you at the end of the date.

In fact if you are like most guys, more times you will find yourself not getting anything close to what you wanted to have happen from the date than you will find yourself getting what you wanted from her.

Yet, what if there was a way that you could go out with women who are really into you and more willing to give you exactly what you wanted.

Does that sound like something that you would be interested in?

That's good; because the solution is a rather simple one instead of going on dates simply invite women into your life.

Instead of taking her to the baseball game invite her to your next softball game.

Challenge her to a game of dominoes, cards, or anything else that you enjoy doing.

If you enjoy working out invite her to be your training partner for a day.

Even if the only thing you do when you have free time is watch TV invite her to watch one of your favorite shows together, and you might also want to consider getting some more hobbies.

When you invite a woman into your life instead of on a date it puts you in complete control.

A woman can not help but think that a man who simply invites her into his life instead of on a date is confident and in control of his life. Her attraction for you will only go up when you invite a woman into your life instead of on a date.

In fact the further you move from things that could be considered a date and closer to things that you do in your life the stronger the attraction is that you will create.

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