Going Out With Lady Goliath: When She Is Taller Than You


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So you're average height, maybe shorter, and girls walk pass you just seeing the tuft of your hair. That girl you'd been eyeing would never see you eye-to-eye when you're both standing, and that's her wearing flats. But don't let this stop you from asking that girl five-inches taller than you. The perfect couple that society and media has inculcated in the people's minds is that of the tall, handsome man walking arm-in-arm with an about-a-head-shorter, beautiful woman. It is just an unspoken rule that men should be taller than their women. When else would a girl stand on her toes to meet that kiss? How could the guy wrap a protective arm around her shoulders when they walk? How do you triumph over this norm when you're falling short?

Firstly, don't mind them. Whoever said that a man should always be taller than a woman does not know what he's talking about. Women don't judge men by their height. Well, maybe some do, but all you need to do is to show them that what you lack in height you make up for other areas, like emotional intelligence, romance, whatever you're good at. The key is, do not look at it as a liability, or else she will too.

Once you get past that height barrier thing, and prove to the girl that you plan to treat her as your personal queen the rest of your life, she will see past whatever physical insecurities you suffer from. And then you will earn the respect of the people who see you walking with her, with the occasional initial disbelief that you got yourself a supermodel (well, compared to you, anyway).

But if you are just going to let height matter, then probably that is for the best, because it just shows that you can't stand up for yourself and you won't be able to for anybody else either.

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David Can't Slay the Goliath
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