Women Want an Attractive Man Just As Much As a Man Wants a Smart and Intelligent Woman

Teddy Shabba

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Do you know why women usually do not care about how old, handsome, wealthy, physically fit, or balding a man is?

Because they are emotional creatures and none of that other stuff plays as large a role as a man who knows how to play with her emotions.

Yes for many women all those other features play an important part just like how smart, intelligent, and wealthy a woman is plays a part in how attractive a man finds a woman.

Every single man and many men in relationships can be had by a hot and sexy woman even if for only a few nights.

The reason why many hot chicks are really crazy is because most men allow them to be and a hot woman who is just a little slow or not as intelligent as the next girl is going to attract more men than a really smart girl who is just a little less attractive than the next girl.

The same can also be said of women when it comes to a man who can touch and play her emotions.

The big difference is that men who are in control of their realities are not going to except a woman based solely on her looks whereas a woman in control of her reality who finds a man who knows how to touch her emotions is going to find it very difficult too let him go.

No matter his age, race, wealth, status, looks, or any other thing. Of course she might have to hide the relationship and in that case many men are going to simply walk away but a woman in love who has Love as her #1 Value is going to do anything for a man who touches her emotions.

When it comes to women Love is blind although for me Love is a Woman who is 5'5 with a pretty face size C cup and a little bitty waist with a nice booty.

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