In Order To Attract Women You Must Always Control the Conversation

Teddy Shabba

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Have you ever gone out or even met a woman who for the whole night went on and on about something she was very passionate about or at least seemed really interested in?

What happened at the end of the night or the next day was she suddenly head over heels for you and wanted to spend all her time with you?

My guess is that the exact opposite happened she put you in the friend zone or you never heard from her again.

When you allow a woman to control the conversation she is going to take it wherever her mind wants it to go.

If she is a fun and exciting chick she might take it to a fun place.

If she is a woman looking to settle down she might take it to a potential mate interview place.

Wherever! The point is a woman in control of the conversation controls the game and she isn't going to take it to a place that will allow her to build attraction towards you.

When first going out with a woman you want to build comfort and attraction with her.

Once the comfort is built usually within 5 minutes you need to start building attraction.

Failure to build attraction on a date will result in you having a woman NOT attracted to you even if her initial interest was high.

Build too much comfort in a woman on a date and you will end up in the Friend Zone aka a Nice Guy.

Women want a man who is in control and knows what he wants. When you allow her to talk your ear off about nothing and never take control of the conversation to lead it where you want.

You are letting her know that you are not in control and are simply hoping perhaps even wishing she will give you what you want. While she will find this to be nice and maybe even awfully sweet it isn't what she wants in a man.

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