Is Your Voice Sabotaging Your Chances To Attract Women

Teddy Shabba

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When it comes to attracting women sometimes its not what you say but how you say it.

Hopefully you already know to make good eye contact and speak clearly so that she can hear you.

Yet did you know that the way in which you end your sentences can significantly increase or decrease your chances with attracting women.

Furthermore this is something that men who always have had high self-confidence and solid inner game naturally do but men who are “nice guys" don't naturally do sometimes even after building up their confidence and inner game.

When you end a sentence you're going to end it either on a high note, even note, or low note.

High Note:

When you end a sentence on a high note it makes the sentence before it a question. If you are asking a woman a question that's great, yet what you are trying to do when you are talking to a woman is build comfort and attraction and too many questions comes off as needy.

Even Note:

When your sentences ends just like it began and there is no clear middle it makes what you are saying sound monotone are more like your reading a script or list of facts. Generally this type of ending makes it real hard for a woman to develop rapport or attraction for you because you come off sounding like a fake.

Low Note:

Sentences that end on a low note come off sounding like a command. When it comes to building comfort and attraction commands work not only because you seem like you are confident, you also aren't giving her a choice in the whole situation.

Now, I am not saying that the next time you talk to a woman you end all your sentences on a down note. However, I am saying that you need to become aware if you are ending most of your sentences on a high note and if so begin making an effort to end more on a low note.

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