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What is the Number One quality that you have to have as a man if you want to be seductive to women? You have to make them laugh. We have all heard that women love a man that can make them laugh but as you may already suspect, there is more to attracting and seducing women than just making them laugh.

I'm sure that you have made many girls laugh in your lifetime, but did you get the feeling that there was something you were missing? That somehow, you weren't getting the response of attraction from the girls that you were trying to generate.

I've been there myself, many times. And every time someone would say to me, “women live a man who can make them laugh, " I got very confused because I had no problem making girls laugh, I JUST WASN'T GETTING LAID by trying to be funny!

You see, after several years of trying to figure out what I was doing wrong with my humor, I finally found out what was missing. Like 99% of guys out there, I was using the wrong type to try and create attraction with women. I found that there are different types of humor, and I'll show you which type women find seductive and which type makes you look like a “freaking idiot clown" in front of girls you're trying to impress.

Think of the James Bond film character. Think of Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Jack Nicholson, Tom Cruise. These men all have one thing in common, they're international sex symbols to millions of women. Now think of top comedians like John Candy and Steve Martin. Are they funny? Yes, of course they are. Are they sex symbols? Don't think so.

Now, if you study the James Bond type of character, you will notice that he has a tremendous sense of humor. He brings FUN and EXCITEMENT to his interactions with women. He always has a smile or “cocky smirk" on his face when seducing women, HE LAUGHS AND JOKES WHEN FACING DEATH! Are you beginning to see which type of humor attracts women and which type just makes them laugh…AT THE IDIOT being funny?

You see, the difference is this: if you tell good jokes and laugh at YOURSELF a lot, you'll just be Mr Funny Guy to women. End of story. But the secret to having and “projecting" the type of humor that is attractive and seductive to women is to TEASE her. So instead of focusing on the clever little joke to make her laugh, use something funny about HER to make her laugh. When you make women laugh about themselves, you trigger a strong attraction mechanism that they find irresistible. One of the reasons why this formula works so well is that people find THEMSELVES more interesting than everybody else, it's just basic human nature. But with women, this is even more amplified.

You see, a lot of those goofy, idiot type funny guys focus their time laughing at THEMSELVES. They hardly ever “tease" the woman, and that's why she can't see them in a *** way. I bet you anything that if you think about every woman in your life who's ever said, “You're a nice guy but I don't see you in a Boyfriend kind of way, " the major reason for that outcome is that you hardly ever teased and made fun of her.

Nice guys, even FUNNY nice guys make the mistake of “worshipping" women they're attracted to. So they may say “funny" things to make the girl laugh, they may even make fun of other people in coming up with jokes, but…they actually go out of their way to AVOID making fun of “the girl. " Now women sense this immediately and put the guy into the funny “friend" box. He'll be the guy she hangs out with to have a laugh but nothing more.

The guy who ends up “seducing" her will be the guy who's not afraid to point out her “flaws" (in a funny way) and make fun of her and tease her about them. So adopt this principle now and start doing this in your interactions with women you meet…and you would be AMAZED by the response you get.

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