6 Steps to Learning How to Seduce Women

Teddy Shabba

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When it comes to seducing women, men have 6 different things he will need to work on. The amount of importance in each one varies greatly. However it is just as important that you take care of each one as well. Below I will go over each step and its level of importance

1nner Game 80%

By far the most important part of the game, without taking care of you and your beliefs first nothing else will even matter.

Approaching a Woman 7%

The Ability to just walk up to a woman is the second most important part to seduce a woman. If you never approach a woman and always wait on her to approach you, success with women will still be possible; however, you opportunities will significantly decrease.

Talking 5%

The game of seduction begins officially upon the introduction everything that happens between a man and a woman before this, such as eye contact and smiles are simply the pre game warm ups.

Building Comfort 4%

If a woman isn't comfortable around you she will always have her guard up and a woman with her guard up is never going to allow you access no matter how good everything else you do is.

Creating Attraction 3%

Although a very small part, fail to create attraction in a woman soon enough you will end up in the “friend zone. " When it comes to attracting and seducing women is even worst than rejection.

Getting Physical 1%

Ironically the one part of the game that men usually want to do the most is also the least important, yet, this is the part that when men fail to do correctly can mess up everything else. Almost like putting sugar in the gas tank, just a little bit can mess up everything.

Now as you can see working on your “inner game" is the most important part of seducing and attracting women. Yet when it comes to Seduction and How to Attract women books they mainly focus on everything else because all of that stuff is much easier to learn.

Unfortunately knowing all the other steps and having a weak inner game is going to give you a poorer chance for success with women than if you had a strong inner game and where weak in all other steps.

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