Using the Second Agreement to Attract Women Explained

Teddy Shabba

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The Second Agreement in don Miguel Ruiz's book “The Four Agreements" is Don't Take Anything Personally.

For men who are using the Four Agreements to attract women what this means is, that when you approach a woman you really shouldn't be concerned with the outcome. Either way without her knowing you, its not about you, it is about her.

Many times when a man approaches a woman she might be living in her own personal hell and her response to you is like a contagious virus ready to spread. If you choose to take her comments or rejection personally then you allow her personal hell to affect you and you will soon find yourself in your own personal hell.

Yet if she accepts you and your advances and you have chosen to take it personally you have just given your power to her and if she ever choose to receive black magic or use black magic against you suddenly you will again become infected because the power that you have was actually all based on her acceptance of you.

However if you choose instead to not take anything personally when you approach her if she has her own personal hell going on and tries to infect you with it you are immune because you know that she doesn't know you and everything she does is about her and not you.

Now if she accepts you still you don't take it personal because you know who you are and you no longer have the need to be accepted. So as long as she accepts you then you are able to enjoy her company and share a moment of Heaven on Earth.

If she becomes infected with black magic you are still immune from it because you always realized it was about her anyways.

Remember that The Four Agreements can be used to attract women in your life that you want and as a result will also eliminate women who are not necessary in your life.

This is your dream and you have the power to create it into your ultimate fantasy or continue living in the nightmare that you have chosen.

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